Crypto Exclusive Account?

I converted my Ignition account to Crypto only as it was said that the withdrawals will be expedited.

What exactly does this mean? My withdrawal request from last night still shows as pending…

How much faster than the standard 3 days are the Crypto only accounts?


:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: That’s new to me I will not do Crypto Only; sorry!

@PLO8FTW. I also have a Crypto exclusive account, but I haven’t had a withdraw since I converted over to it, so I am not sure what expedited withdrawals means for us.

Update: my most recent, post conversion, withdrawal was in my BTC wallet 15 hours from request. Excellent job Ignition!!! :slight_smile:


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Withdrew a Bitcoin withdrawal four days ago still haven’t received it

@Minga_123 I’ll check on this now

So looks like right after I made my post they cancelled my withdrawal

Why do they cancel my withdrawal?

@Minga_123 I’ve sent you a PM

when does this usually hit your account and where can I find it?

@whocares405 I see that you have been entered in already.

haven’t gotten any of Ignition Miles, free spins or Free poker tournament ticket when should I get this is what I’m asking?

@whocares405 All these should be available on your rewards page now


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anyone know when the crypto exclusive rewards typically hit your account? my weekly boost reward is already there but I don’t see the crypto exclusive rewards yet

The rewards are issued throughout the week.

Where are my crypto rewards

Free spins, free poker tickets, free rewards points
Can someone explain why I get none of these?

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I only received spins this week