Crypto exclusive bonuses

Wat were the free spins on for this week?

pandas i think

How do you get the free spins? Or is that first crypto deposit only

It’s once per week

And just for clarity, yes they are on Pandas Go Wild!

I have never received feee spins on ignition! Not once. I’m signed up for the crypto exclusive and and now part of their “hosted” program

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Ditto. I want to spin pandas! LOL.

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I’ve never had one! Not one free spin on anything. Why?

Build up your points. I’m eligible for 10x $20 spins on Golden Buffalos. Deciding whether to spin 'em or take down a Crypto Tourney event!

Oh, wait, I do get free spins. But, they are not “free.” I have to use my points. AND, it’s like 35X. So, even ifI win $350, I have to make like $7K to be able to withdraw. HAHAH.

Nevermind, I don’t want to spin pandas.

Ohhh I get it! I thought it was like other apps where they give you free spins without taking points. Nvm pandas

@Ld8515 You are not in the crypto exclusive program unfortunately.

That’s strange considering I signed up and I can only deposit crypto :thinking: I’ll look into it

You can only use crypto, that is correct. But you are not in the crypto exclusive program.

I am but got nothing for my crypto deposit this time. Is it over now?

@Possumking You are not in the crypto exclusive program.

Yes I am, I signed up, was accepted. Received bonus before.

I see you were issued the points and spins on May 1st, this was however done manually and I also think in error. Your account is not part of the crypto program from what I can see unfortunately.

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Where are my Bitcoin exclusive rewards?

They can take up to 48 hours to credit as per the promotion details.