Crypto exclusive perks

Have not recieved any perks and it’s been two days also have made 2 qualifying deposits now.And to boot no chat available

Hi, you would need to upgrade to the crypto exclusive membership.
I can do that now for you if you wish, it will take around 48 hours for the changes to reflect on your account, and then you will be eligible for the weekly perks.

I did when I first made the account and a few times I went back in and tried. Yes though I would like to enroll please try on your end

Ok that’s done for you now. :slight_smile:

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Ok :+1:. Thanks for the quick help.

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Hi, i made a deposit last sunday, and got the weekly spins, etc. I then made another 30 deposit on friday, and havent received the spins, etc… i reached out thru chat yesterday and was told that my deposit is eligible for the weekly perks since my last deposit was made Sunday, so that its considered a new week on monday. I specifically asked if the week is determined by when the deposit is made, or when rewards hit my account… i was assured that it is when the deposit is made… but i still haven’t received any of my perks from my last deposit. So just wondering whats going on…


Hi, you had the rewards on Monday 11th, this was for your deposit which was also made on Monday 11th.
You will not get the rewards for the deposit on Friday 15th, as they are only issued once per week.
A deposit from today until Sunday will make you eligible for this weeks rewards.

That is incorrect… the rewards on the 11th were from a deposit made on the 10th… so that is last week… the 15th deposit is my 1st deposit of the “week”… ive talked to chat about this, so thank u.

I will msg you some screenshots as this is account sensitive.

Hi, can one the moderators help me, I recently made a $30 deposit today but I have yet to see my points or free spins . Please help, thank u.

@Mypanda I see these have since been issued.

Thanks for your time checking on that. I was stuck reading on here, as it is very interesting I might say.