Crypto Exclusive Rewards?

I made a deposit yesterday. I am wondering why I haven’t received the rewards for this. Could any @moderators look into this please? Thank you

You are not part of the crypto exclusive program unfortunately

I have made 2 deposits of at least 30 and still haven’t got my spins or miles

You are not enrolled in the crypto exclusive program unfortunately.

Wait a minute, that is not true. How is it then I get tickets each week? This is some bullshit, look at my history and see that I was in fact getting crypto rewards.

You are referring to the crypto exclusive program with the 15000 points and free spins etc?
I have checked back to when you joined and I’m not seeing you had them issued at all

How am I not in the program I haven’t been able to use a debit or credit card to deposit pretty much since day 1. So if I’m not in the program than why don’t I have the option deposit using a debit or credit card

why is it that all of a sudden the last two weeks now my crypto exclusive rewards dont show up til i ask about them they used to always show up before i even finished playing the money i deposited now they dont show til i ask and get told you cant do anything but they magically appear right after that

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@Mrledesma You don’t have the card option on your account, this is correct. However the crypto exclusive program is something that you would have needed to opt in to, as it is a promotion.

@kerby86 As per the promotion, they can take up to 48 hours to credit.
I do see however that this weeks rewards were credited around an hour after the deposit was made.

So what is the advantage of not having the credit card option?

The only advantage using bitcoin in your case would be better bonuses compared to card deposit bonuses.

@Davy where are my free rewards for depositing?

@kathrynbeal311 The minimum deposit for the rewards is $30.

@moderators why is there such a delay for free spins and rewards points??

You seem to have received and redeemed these at 9:42p ET today.

I haven’t received my 10+1, free spins, and miles for my deposit. Can you please add them, thank you

These can take up to 48 hours from your deposit to credit.

Can u please check on my weekly points and spins they never take this long and it just makes me worry with how unpredictable you guys have been recently…

You are still well within the 48 hour timeframe