Crypto Exclusive Rewards

I havnt received my free spins and rears points for the crypto exclusive deposit of $30 like usually receive added to account. Am already out of the deposit funds fairly quickly. Could an Admin please check to see why havnt received the spins and points into account yet? Tried to check with live chat but keeps saying that no one is available live at moment. Usually have been added by the time deposited funds get low so that can continue to play. Thanks

It could take up to 24 hrs after a qualifying deposit.

I didn’t get mine either…can a @moderators check this please?

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@Cmginbham2, has been handled by CS agent.

@jewell36, your perks have been added on 11/04.

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Mine either

@Iraqvet25 You received them on the 1st.

But doesn’t Thursday start a new week? And I’ve deposited since then

I thought it was Monday…

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The week is Monday to Sunday.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been told Thursday is the start of the week for promos

I can assure you it is Monday, and always has been.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure I called that, the week starts on a Thursday… Now here’s the proof

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I’ll be happy to take my 25 spins and comp, from last Thursday, Friday deposits…try an swindle what we rightfully earned, and tell us the week starts on Monday…

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That isn’t effective until November 14th. They will start those new guidelines on the 14th. So for now it is Monday through Sunday. :woman_shrugging:


How is everyone getting weekly free spins? I deposit hundreds of dollars of Bitcoin each week and all I get is a weekly crypto deposit bonus with a insanely high multiple.

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unless your using multiple bonuses during the week that give free spins with it only free spin you get are the 25 that come with the bitcoin exclusive bonus and you only get that once a week i have received free spins once and a while just randomly from them but i dont think they have anything to do with deposits

@Iraqvet25, this is updated information as how match up deposits will work and what will be their expiration date.

I haven’t got my free spins and points its been almost 24 hrs usually comes within 2

If your like me they just screwed you over too. They changed there exclusive program to min 100 and wont give you your perks. Total bullshit thanks for treating your loyal customers like dog shit…


Ignition now wants you to donate 100 dollars to receive 25 free spins that gives you barely anything