Crypto Exclusive Weekly perks

So I just spent about 1.5 hours going in circles with this guy chat support about this. Here’s what happened. I deposited funds Sunday November 14th , early evening. As this was my first deposit for that week I was eligible for the free spins, 15000 rewards etc. Which I did get a couple hours later shortly after midnight (By this time it’s Monday the 15th and a new week.) So later in the following week I deposit again expecting my perks as usual but am told no (after the fourth person I talked to) that if already received my perks for that week and I said no I made qualifying deposits during both weeks and only received perks for one week. Plain and simple. It’s really quite clear to me that I’m owed a set of perks and any other answer is the wrong one. If I make a qualifying deposit during a week from Monday 12am-Sunday11:59pm I should get my perks for that week. Then regardless of what "timeframe,* it’s issued. If I make another deposit the following week I should get it again. I mean ignition would rather pay a support person to argue over an easily misinterpreted footnote in the crypto exclusive membership terms and conditions I apparently clicked on 2 years ago and when I signed up for it and was never made available to me again until I asked for it. They’d rather pay 4 support people multiple hours of wages to argue about this clearly backward and misleading asterisked footnote in the t&c which could be interpreted many different ways . Argue this for hours, instead of just giving me a very loyal player with Diamond VIP points the perks I’ve earned. I mean it seems so simple. I made qualifying deposits both weeks yet I only got perks for one week. It’s just plain not fair. But instead they’d rather argue for hours, and it seems like such a insane business move for ignition to lose the approx $200,000 a year I’ve been pumping in — over something so trivial as 25 free spins and 15000 rewards points that I earned anyway. It’s not like I’m asking something for free. I deposited last week and twice more this week. It’s what I’m owed. So maybe you’ll appreciate the screenshots I send to you of all the deposits I make at other casinos in the future that would have gone to you. Seems like such a “no brainer” to say “Here you go, Mr.Doescher I’m so sorry for the confusion, as youve been such a valued and loyal customer we’ve gone ahead and issued the perks and they should be available in your Rewards now. Please be advised that there is a glitch in our computer system and we therefore advise against making your first deposit of the week on a Sunday in the future as this may result in loss of your weekly perks for the following week.” Something to that effect. Then I’m happily pumping money for years to come. But instead pay a support team to go around in circles with me on something I’ll never understand or agree with.

Hi, !
I have checked on your account and the spins you were issued on the 15th were in fact for this week.

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The reason for this would be that the spins do take a while to credit, and spins expire at around 11.45p ET. So the spins for week NOV8toNOV14 would have actually expired before you got them.
Unfortunately we cannot bring the spins back once they are expired as they are removed from accounts. I have added 15k reward points for you and a $10 bonus to cover last weeks spins.

Hello, so last week I posted multiple deposits over $30 and I am a crypto-exclusive member.

Two things:

My first ever deposit, the bonus portion was credited over an hour after I had made my deposit.

I know many players will agree that playing with $78 to begin with and starting play with a bankroll of $215 or so is completely different.

I also didn’t appreciate when I brought this fact up having my issue dismissed.

Yeah, I played and lost all those funds. But, still if I play and lose, that’s me doing my part. I’d appreciate if Ignition did its part and awarded bonus like how it’s stated under the terms of agreement and giving a heads up if like it promotes on its Ignition guarantee to its players instead of saying, “Well you got your bonus funds eventually?” So whats the deal?

I feel like I was cheated from that gaming session.

Also, on the home page on this Ignition Forum, crypto-exclusive membership is promoted on one of the interactive displays you can slide with your finger.

Crypto-membership explains that a player will get 25 free spins and 15,000 rewards points.

I have yet to receive those perks for the deposit I made last week.

Just this morning, I made a crypto-deposit for over $30 and I used one of the two weekly bonus rewards offered.

My bonus funds were instantly credited, so why wasn’t that the case when I made my first deposit?

Since I’m writing this post, might as well ask and request that will my concern is being addressed, I know it states that the additional perks take 24-48 hours to appear in my account, but can you add the 25 free spins and 15,000 rewards points I earned this week to the ones that I should have gotten last week while you’re at.

Any additional points for the inconvenience that the delay in bonus funds from my initial deposit caused me and for me to have to reach out to receive what is owed to me would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not asking for a handout or charity.

I’m just asking that the relationship be reciprocal.

I deposit funds, I play, I lose, that’s that.

I don’t play, lose, then deposit funds.

I deposit funds, I receive any and all perks associated that the deposit makes me eligible for at the time of deposit, I play, and go from there.

That’s how it should be.

I’d appreciate a certain level of consistency.

I understand that playing slot games, all I really can do is cross my fingers and hope that I win.

I don’t want to do that when it comes to my crypto-exclusive membership benefits each time I make a deposit and hope I get what I signed up for and is promoting heavily on your platform.

Otherwise, it is extremely misleading.

I thank you in advance for your time and consideration with regards to this matter and I look forward to your response.

I am sorry for any confusion here, but much of what you’ve stated does not appear to be accurate unfortunately.

You can review in your transactions that your first deposit on May 16th and the bonus was both applied at exactly the same time at 12:57a ET. I can provide you specifics if you wish through PM, but your first deposit and the bonus that was applied was immediate. Is it possible that you only received the Poker Portion of your bonus at a later date as per the details of the welcome bonus? I have read the chat that you had at that time and you seem to have been missing 25 spins that weren’t immediately provided, but you were issued the actual bonus funds right away.

In regards to your crypto exclusive benefits, unfortunately you are not a part of the program yet. your payments have been locked to crypto by our payments team but you are not enrolled in the crypto exclusive program as this is a different thing. you would need to go HERE and click on ‘Upgrade Now’ in order to actually join the program. If you have already done this and it didn’t work then I can add you myself, just let us know. However as of now you are not enrolled in this yet.

Sending you a PM shortly because I strongly concur. Thanks for the quick response.