Crypto free spins reward

What game are the free spins for Bitcoin Exclusive this week?

Pandas go wild

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so we still get 15000 reward points and free spins for weekly deposit?

did bovada stop this?

Looking for my spins and 15000 points please.

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You never joined the crypto program

Umm… ok.

Looking for my spins and points and 10+1 please

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Yeah I am still waiting on mine bonuses. The last free spins I received well let’s just say i received 5 total for both. Low betting price so you can’t receive much. It is not fun playing anymore.

I don’t see that you joined the crypto membership

Waiting on mine also…

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Ive maxed mine out at $40 once, and ive also had a few times where i got exactly $0.

They’re gonna tell you it takes 24-48 hours for them to post. I’ve been waiting all day too. Smh

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I did several times that is why i did the crypto deposit

waiting on mine too

Sucks we have to wait so long now a days.
I’m waiting too

Im a crypto member where my free spins and free reward points

@Junebug97 You are no a member unfortunately.

Anyone else waiting we have to allow 48 hours, if they are not added manually let us know and we will help.