Current Position is wrong in Re-entry tournaments

Sometimes the Current Position is showing incorrectly. My position is shown as higher than the the remaining amount of players left in the tournament. When I notice it, it is on re-entry tournaments, possibly ones I have re-entered in. Fixing this bug would be great. Attached is an example.

Incorrect current position


@DonkeyShow thank you very much for the feedback on this. I can certainly see how this could be confusing while playing.

It seems like after re-entering, the current position will show the rank a player was when they got knocked out, instead of showing the correct, updated current position. In the above pic I am shown as rank 262, but that is actually the rank I was when I got knocked out before I reentered.

Hey @DonkeyShow, thanks for the information and feedback. We have escalated this to our Poker team to review.

As soon as we receive an update, we will let you know.

I can second this. It’s only an issue when you rebuy a tournament.

I’ve been meaning to make a post on this, thanks.

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@moderators any progress on fixing this bug?

Hey @DonkeyShow, we don’t have any updates yet in regards to this issue but we’ll be circling back as soon as we have more information.

Can you please remind the poker team about this issue? Thanks.

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@DonkeyShow We’ll pass this information along once again.

@moderators This bug still hasn’t been fixed so I wanted to remind y’all of it and also post more pictures with details showing it. This bug only happens in reentry tournaments after a player reenters. The poker table I am on shows the Current Position: 172nd of 120, which I highlighted in orange. It is impossible for me to be in 172nd place when only 120 players are left. The attached tournament lobby shows my actual current position is 102 out of 120 players left, which I highlighted in green. The tournament lobby shows that I finished in 172nd place on my first entry, which I highlighted in orange. So to sum it up, in reentry tournaments after a player reenters the current position shown on the poker table will always be shown as the position a player got knocked out on their first entry and it never updates to the correct current position.

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Thank you @DonkeyShow we appreciate the updated screenshot. It certainly hasn’t fallen off our radar and we will add this photo to the ongoing issue.

Once our support team can confirm a fix we’ll be sure to circle back here.


the title of this post is misleading…

i thought it was going to be about something else.

@player1 I’ve edited the topic title in hopes of making it a little clearer.

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Seems like this issue has been open for a while. It would be nice to get it fixed.
I though a previous update fixed it, then it went back to they was it is now!?

I think this is a minor issue. Bigger issue is remaining players in the lobby is slow to update and even slower to update on the table status.

This bug hasn’t been fixed yet. Any progress?

Note that this was apparently fixed with a recent update. Rebuy standings should now be correct. Obviously let us know if this isn’t the case!

Just rebumping this, it was fixed for a small amount of time after this. Something changed since then as it’s reverted back to being broken again, and still is as of now.

Can we get recent screenshots showing the error so we can address?