Deep stack cash games, increasing the max buy in options to 200-400 BBs

What is the demand to increase the Mac buy in options in cash games to 200-400 bb instead of 100bb?

would love to see at least a table or two from 200PLO to 2000PLO with the option for capped buy in at 400BB. Deep cash games are more interesting to play in

Hey @Jasonfish11 and @RoyalFlush,

Thank you for your ideas and interest in increasing the max buy in options on our cash games.

For now I have moved this topic to our ‘Site Feedback - Investigating’ category and updated the title to make it easier for others to find. I will escalate this feedback and once we get an update we will let you know! :slight_smile:

Although this suggestion was raised a while back, we’ve recently received a response to this. As we’ve mentioned previously, we aim to cater mainly for recreational players and at present, this doesn’t seem to allign with their interests. Like other suggestions, if this changes in the future we’ll be more than happy to re-discuss.