Delays with Crypto Deposits

Prior to about a week ago any deposits I made via crypto (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc) would post to my account within a minute or two of the transaction being confirmed on the applicable crypto blockchain. Not sure what changed, but for the past week or so I have been waiting 30 minutes to 60 minutes AFTER THE TRANSACTION IS CONFIRMED ON THE CRYPTO BLOCKCHAIN for the funds to post to my account. Curious if anyone else has noticed this delay and any feedback the @moderators team can provide.

Hi @DJO205 We usually advise around 15 minutes is an average time, however this depends on the crypto network. At quiet periods it will take only a few minutes, but on the reverse of that when it’s busy it can take considerably longer. It might also be worth mentioning for future reference, that it can take up to 6 confirmation on the blockchain before the funds actually credit to your Ignition account.

Hi Davy,
I appreciate the feedback and response. That said I understand and agree the transaction needs to confirm on the blockchain (up to 6 times for Litecoin) and times can vary based on blockchain activity and that this is outside of anyone’s control. I am saying that AFTER it has been confirmed on the blockchain 6 times, I am still waiting up to an hour for the funds to post to my account. It seems like something changed last week as prior to then funds we’re posting to my account within a minute of receiving the necessary confirmation on the blockchain.

This should certainly not be the case. If you have a similar issue please let us know, or in the event of no moderators being on line, please contact Customer Services on live chat and ask for it to be checked.

I can confirm that something has changed i too have two confirmed transactions for litecoin both say completed on coinbase and yet to hit my ignition account what is going on?

@brent984 I’ll take a look into them for you

You can thanks matt

i have issues too with ltc deposit delay to my account still waiting on it to show on my account over 18 hrs now. its been confirmed on blockchain at 1 am to the address it was sent to from here so whats the hold up on my deposit!

@Bitters82 can you please clarify the amount? I’ll check this for you.

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