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I would just like to let everyone know that for no reason what so ever all of a sudden I can’t. Make deposit with my credit card debit card or anything else other than Crypto. I opted out of the crypto exclusive program for other deposit options. Now even if I were to deposit with crypto I would not get any rewards. What a load of BS. I have come to realize now I would be a damn fool to put any more money into this trash site in any form. This used to be a great site. It’s really sad much it has declined over the last year and a half.

You are locked into crypto, you wouldn’t be able to use a card unfortunately.

How does someone get locked into crypto? I have never heard of this.

It basically means that you cannot use a card to deposit.
This is something that would be added to your account when you first sign up.

No I was able to use my credit or debit card for months back before y’all started pushing the crypto exclusive program. Which for a while was great until you guys took the perks away. Check my records. I guess y’all are pissed because I opted out of the crypto exclusive program. Does this forum have any positive remarks at all?

I’m not seeing any card transaction on your account, but even so it does appear you are locked into crypto for deposits and withdrawals right now.

Could you please provide a reason as to why I am locked in to crypto. How about a debit card option. Crypto is expensive to purchase. I have never had any kind of fraudulent activity so why am I locked into only one deposit option. After the thousands I have thrown away into this site I feel I deserve an explanation as to WHY at least.

Deposits and withdrawal methods are discretionary and different for all accounts.
This is not something I could provide a specific reason for, but something that is set by the payments team.

i was recently told the same thing. i called to see why i couldnt use a debit card to make deposites now,and they told me that i was a crypto exclusive member and that means you can only deposite with crypto. so ni asked how i got enrolled in this program and i was told the system does it auto. so apperantly the payment ppl doesnt have any control over it. we have a A.I. system that decides what is best for us. i spend a couple Gs a week here and for what I have never seen a site that doesnt want you to have as many payment option as you need. They want your money, but they dobnt want to let you send it how you want to or is easiest for you. I have to load cash onto a debit card at a stor that cost $4 a trans. then i pay a fee to buy crypto. then i pay a fee to send it to the casino. plus not to mention how volitile btc is you can buy $100 worth BTC and before you can turn around to send it 15 secs. later you have lost $10 because the market is on a downhill decline. we are getting screwed 20 ways from ignition. And also i never get any bonuses. the only bonus i get is the weekly crypto bonus once a week. and its a joke. i mean how bout some free spins or a free tourn. ticket to a 5+50 or somthing like that. Sorry but this subject has been eating at me for a week now.

I deposited with bitcoin and don’t get my match bonus

What bonus are you missing?

I used the 100% match bonus wit my deposit it never came:(

Your deposit was too small, it will need to be at least $10

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