Diamond VIP Invite

So, I’ve been Diamond reward tier for a little while now, and am wondering when my invite to Diamond VIP is coming…

I’m not seeing any real benefit of being at Diamond tier and if I’m to continue gambling here, I’d like an invite to VIP.


Invites to this tier are done by the marketing team on an account by account basis and based on multiple factors. Ultimately it is at their discretion and you would receive an account message or email when this was done.

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I have been a diamond VIP for a long time. They just discontinued my bonuses and cashback and took me for all kinds of money. What is diamond VIP worth now? Nothing.


@dannyjohnsonghp I’m sorry that you feel that way. Yes, cashbacks have been removed, however with the removal of cashback, our promotions team will be able to look into new ideas and re-distribute bonuses in another way.

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diamond level does no good to be anymore without cashback it’s like being a NEWBIE


Yup, they’ve effectively rolled everyone higher back down to gold tier status. Players at diamond or VIP should continue to recieve the old cash back system + an extra % weekly like crypto cashback.


Has anybody been offered a bonus with a 1x rollover since removal of cash back? Because me being a mere plebian at titanium level have only received 2 bonus both with either a 30x or 50x rollover. Cash back which used to be daily only had a 1x rollover and need I repeat it was daily for us losers. Gave us something to look forward too. Now what do we have to look forward to… oh hey here I can go lose $800 but thankfully I’ve got 11k reward miles that can get me 1 ticket to a $7jackpot sit and go. Hopefully I’ll get lucky and win the $14 prize :joy::joy:. It’s a joke.


Hi Matt,

Is there a way the marketing department can send me a message with the plan for discretionary comps? I have received one or two sporadic cash bonuses, but they are too random to be based on my theo.

On the flip side, if my coin-in/theo are not high enough to warrant discretionary incentives, I am perfectly OK with hearing that as well. Vegas is reopening, and my $150k monthly coin in gets me substantial customer service from my hosts. :wink:


@Fuggit Our promotions team being an internal department don’t send out individual emails but I’ll send you a PM shortly.


Hello Forum,

I know the company line from Ignition is that this exclusive level is discretionary and via invite only. I’m currently diamond level and have well over 6 million rewards points (you get to diamond at 2.5 million) so I’m just wondering if anyone who currently is or was Diamond Plus or Diamond VIP or whatever it’s called where you get your own personal host can shed some light on at what point you became eligible for this. Thanks in advance!

I’ll also say from my personal experience there is absolutely no difference whatsoever in perks or benefits between Titanium Level and Diamond Level. @moderators if my statement about rewards perks between TL and DL are inaccurate please let me know but all the perks I have now at DL are EXACTLY the same as what I had at TL.

Finally I’ll say from a response and customer service perspective the mods here are great.

Thank you and good luck to all


We’ve moved your post here as it does relate it seems. Ultimately unfortunately this is a discretionary invite level so there’s not really much in the way of specific details to provide regarding how to get there. We can only encourage anyone to play at a level they’re comfortable with. Of course other players can definitely still provide some insight if they’ve been invited.

While the redemption rate doesn’t change between the final few tiers, there are differences in the offers you’ll receive, and the cost of the offers in the rewards tab as you progress still.

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Does wagering 2.6 million dollars in 31 days qualify?? :joy::joy:


I’ve had Diamond Level points for a few months now but still haven’t received an invite. I’ve deposited several thousand dollars in this time and was just wondering what other player’s experiences were and how long and how much did you have to deposit after you reached diamond level points did you receive an invite? Thanks

From reading above , I see there is absolutely no difference from titanium to diamond VIP levels. So it’s sounding like I’m in for a big let down if/when I ever do get an invite. . . Does anybody else have a different experience? I’ve been a loyal Ignition player depositing almost exclusively here for a year or two. . . If loyalty has its rewards, I’m sure not seeing it. Not yet at least. I mean, I’m not out for any freebies, I deposit regularly hundreds and thousands and my few cashouts are are small fraction of this amount. I literally probably pay 2 or 3 service rep’s salary every year. Maybe something every once in a while saying "here’s a little gift for you, thanks for playing with us! " Just out of the blue ya know? Or after a bad beat maybe? I like the lifetime level system, but if the rards are non existent what’s the point? Sorry for ranting, I know Ignition has thousands of players and they can’t hold each ones hand and coddle them. J but maybe show the ones that deposit regularly and loyalty a little love once in a while. Maybe a little extra attention? That our loyalty has not gone unnoticed?

That being said, are there any other real options for USA players out there besides ignition? I used to play at fortune jack even cashed out a few times there with no hitch. I think I stopped playing there because their reward system sucks s even worse than here and it resets every 30 days! Scooter, to Tesla, to Lambo and back to scooter again! Story of my life, lol! Anyways thanks in advance for any input or feedback. Just a little frustrated on the verge of quitting, not gambling or anything stupid like that, but taking my money elsewhere. . .


I’ve been diamond level since earlier this year. I’m well over 7 million lifetime miles. I actually thought that I was diamond VIP since May but upon checking closer it appears that I’m not. Ten of thousand + deposited every few months on average. That’s not even counting a similar amount on Bovada.

What more can a person do to get this invite? Lose more than $50k a year here? Because that’s what’s next. And no thanks

Of course the answer will always fall back to - “this happens at the discretion of the promotions team and we are uncertain of the criteria to get invited”

The same answer provided to every question regarding nearly every “promotion” or reward.

How is being a diamond member three times over again not enough?


Thanks for the reply and info. I’m only pushing 3 million lifetime miles so I can see I cpect no invite soon. You’re absolutely right, how can having nearly 3x the required points not earn you an invite? And from what I see there is very little, if ANY, benefits of being diamond VIP over titanium. It would seem the carrot being dangled in front of us is rotten. It just sucks when you see your points getting closer and closer to diamond VIP and finally get there and nothing. It makes you feel misled and cheated in a way. Isn’t the program there to reward loyalty? It feels more like a kick to the groin than a reward.


@moderators -

I understand decisions regarding benefits & reward levels aren’t made by your team. However without any direct way to contact those in charge to voice our concerns you’d have to agree that you are our next best option. Forum moderators are light years ahead of Ignitions CSR chat and I do appreciate that. That said can you please pass on the following message to your marketing/C-Suite team for us?

The complete lack of additional benefits for attaining Diamond level is clearly a major drawback for your higher level players/whales. Your site clearly states the benefits of Titanium and Diamond levels are identical (and if that’s not accurate why is it not listed?!) Bear in mind this is the FINAL tier of your rewards program, which should carry benefits that provide an incentive for lower players to gamble more. What’s the point of having another level if it offers nothing in return, especially when obtaining it takes more points than all other levels COMBINED.

As a business owner I’m legitimately in awe this could be cleared by upper mgmt. Our top customers are always given an extra layer of support and are given discounts to resist any temptation to transition to our competitors.

Whats keeping your high rev generating players from moving to one of the legal mobile gambling options sweeping across the U.S.? Their high level rewards programs are extremely attractive. Needless to say a vast majority of your most important customers are exceedingly unhappy with the lack of loyalty you currently offer.

Seeing as we haven’t had any insight on the benefits of Diamond VIP I wont speak on that. And to be candid I don’t think it’s fair to complain about VIP given it’s only sent on an invitational basis. I agree it would be nice to know the entry parameters, but Ignition has the right to keep it exclusive.

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This is something that we’ve escalated in the past, and the response we received is that the main difference between Tiers is the reward offers and value you receive. Also, marketing offers and promotions almost always take tier level into account, so you do also have a higher chance of receiving account basis benefits.

I don’t disagree though that perhaps these could be more clearly defined, though many of these benefits are account discretionary items and therefore aren’t necessarily written or guaranteed website offers.

That being said, it’s obviously valid feedback and something we’ll pass along.

Perfectly said. 7.3 million lifetime miles. Still no invitation. Absurd.

Greed and unethical/non-transparent practices. Can get away with it while you’re the only game in town but that’s not the case anymore

More then just miles are reviewed in these situations. Miles, wins, losses, etc is all taken into consideration

So, would losses count for someone’s case if they also had… let’s say “ample” miles? Cuz if so… I’m definitely way past due for an invite.