Diamond VIP Invite

You accumulate miles off of play but that doesn’t necessarily mean losses.

You can deposit $20 and keep playing and accumulating 200,000 miles because that $20 turned into $2000+ now. So you can have miles without any losses.

That’s right. Have a lotta both

Appreciate you passing this on. Also worth noting that this same concern being raised by multiple parties is a clear sign something needs to be changed.

ive been trying to get out of gold status for a year my miles are not generating. my birthdays coming up and i doubt ill be able to get a birthday bonus. Ive been donating to this casino for almost 5 years and i used to enjoy it now all i do is complain

I joined in May 2021 so I have about 9 months in. I’ve deposited about $45,000 and net deposit of $35k. No invite, yet.

I think the different dynamics that “promotional team” chooses to use to offer extra perks, free gifts and vip invites should be public…… before someone turns it into a racial issue. :eyes:

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@moderators I received a VIP invite today, however see only 1 match bonus in my account that is literally not better than the match bonuses I get weekly.

I reached out to CS via chat to ask about the invite and inquire about bonuses being added to my account. However, he did not have much information but that this is handled by the marketing team.

I’m just wondering if there is more to this because it certainly isn’t what all the fuss is about on this thread.

Reaching Diamond level can come with more offers however when they come is still at the discretion of our marketing team. You will receive an email for any special offers along the way

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I received this too. Having been vip at other sites before I dont see anything that would suggest vip treatment.

If it makes you feel any better I have over 34 million and never vip :rofl:

What do you mean by a racial issue? You just started playing. If your a poker room bully what are you worried about?

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Is anything special going to be done for Diamond VIP members as a result of the site being down for more than two days?

Also, I don’t feel very VIP when all of my offers are at 35x rollover. I had better offers at lower levels.


Hahahah brilliant move tying the race issue into this. Opinions aside it’s clearly become one of the best ways to get those in power to address unresolved issues.

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Myself and others have been pushing for changes or at least clarification on this for a while now. The perks listed for Diamond level are no different than Titanium. And any additional benefits are undisclosed and given at random (I’ve yet to see anything as a new Diamond Member). IMO this unfortunately indicates their high roller customers aren’t deemed valuable.

The Forum Team however is 🤌👍

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My point was it’s 2021 and people expect qualifications to be publicized… imagine a company or government agency whose policy was to keep secret the requirements and qualifications for entrance to a program such as welfare, social security or become part of a community… and then left much of the decision power to a caseworker’s “discretion” - in 1960s’ America, this leeway lead to many black veterans being denied bank loans as a measure prevent them from moving into white neighborhoods. That’s the result of bias and power. In the years after, to minimize the influence bias has and to ensure equal opportunity and a fair outcome; many companies minimized the decisions points left to a persons discretion by publicists the requirements, qualifications and selection processes. Therefore, increasing visibility increased fairness and ensures equal opportunities for a more diverse group. So my question is … which strategy should company like ignition employ for their VIP program? A 1960s model that kept selection processes a secret and gave power of decision to man’s discretion, which lead to certain group feeling like secondary citizens? or a more modern, visible and transparent practice? :::toungue&cheek/sarcasm:::

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@pokerroombully There is quite a big difference between what you’re stating here and our promotion teams discretionary benefits. For one, providing exact details would require us to provide financials not just on our side, but on players sides as well. Even in the example you stated above, the government our other companies don’t and wouldn’t provide specific financial data about people involved. Companies and Governments still don’t publicly advertise salaries or the specific amount of the benefits a person receive for instance.

These decisions are based on specific account details and wouldn’t be possible to provide as it’s sensitive information that most players likely wouldn’t want publicly offered without approval first. Ultimately though, there is also a big difference between governmental programs and our player benefits. Note as well that the majority of our benefits are written on site and follow the written details. Most of these discretionary bonuses are additional things that are again based on specific activity details that we can’t share as they are private to those players.

As for the difference in benefits for VIP, this has been discussed before and an answer had been provided. While the reward level redemption rate doesn’t change, the offers in your reward store as well as discretionary programs are largely based on Tier level and this does affect what you’ll receive in regards to discretionary bonuses.

Get out of here with that garbage dude :clown_face:

I wasn’t serious - I get treated well here with the discretionary benefits and thank you for the clarification.

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Has it been brought up for review, improve rewards for diamond tier rewards? I made it to diamond tier rewards level briefly before the tiers were reworked and the reward tiers all plataue after the hold tier.

My question is why has this not been addressed already? You are still giving the finger to any player that goes past gold tier rewards.

Top tier rewards levels need to have unique rewards that players will want to strive for.

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This has been discussed previously and feedback provided. My comment above does apply to Diamond Tier as well as VIP.