Did not receive all rewards

Nobody is answering on chat, so posting here in hopes that a mod will see and review. On Jan 9 I made an ethereum deposit over $100. I only received free spins, I did not receive ignition miles or tournament ticket

4:20 AM
Ref: 600294237
Deposit - Ethereum

From what I can see all were issued and used.

Bonus Redeemed: BTC Exclusive 25,000 Rewards Points
01/09/2023 06:29 AM EST

Bonus Redeemed: BTC Exclusive $10 + $1 Tournament Ticket
01/09/2023 06:29 AM EST

Can you tell me why I received 25,000 ignition miles on 1/09 but yesterday when I deposited +$100 I only received 15,000?

I would assume this was an error, it does look like you should be getting 25k.
I’ve added 10k points for you now.

okay thanks

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Can you please provide another credit for Jan 16? I also only received 15,000 points yesterday

This is what I have just provided.

my mistake. It looks like there was another 15,000 on Jan 10. That’s the one I meant

1/10/23 - 15,000
9:07 AM
Point Bonus

You had the points on the 9th

Bonus Redeemed: BTC Exclusive 25,000 Rewards Points
01/09/2023 06:29 AM EST

So what was the 15,000 I got on the 10th?

That was obviously a mistake, I’m not sure why they were issued.

Hello. I believe i didn’t receive the right amount of my points as well last week for my $100 deposit. Can you please check?

@sjsloco You received 15000 points on Tuesday 10th. This is correct.

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@Davy hey my friend, am i in the crypto exclusive program? I made a deposit of 100$ on the 2nd and didnt receive any spins or rewards same with all the crypto deposits ive made in the past month.

@Debonestallone Matchay deposits don’t qualify for the perks unfortunately.