Did the site just crash?

It just logged me out and I cant log back in


Reconnected now but missing blinds in tourney

same here, im back in but no one at my tables was sitting out

I lose service at least once ever time I play, I’ve given up reporting each incident and just call it added rake

Every time I feel stupid enough to deposit, thinking maybe they ironed the issues out, it’s just non-stop bafoonery. Playing here is just a huge PITA compared to other sites, this ain’t like it use to be at all.

Is this still an issue?

There’s been PLENTY of issues the last 2 hours.

@SoloAsylum elaborate please.

Just in the last 2-3 hours, had to reload the client 2 times because a jackpot sit and go lagged at 59% (for probably no exaggeration the 8th time tonight…

2 of the 8 reloads I couldn’t get the client or the website to load on the laptop, got it to load on desktop, just long enough for it to stay working for a small bit before the lobbies quit loading, so I had to reload the client again. Client periodically does the red bar Error upon trying to login.

Even after I made my deposit earlier last night, couldn’t log into the site because it wouldn’t go past the login screen. It’s really frustrating. This is the only site that I have to readily have 3 devices up and ready to go to try and not miss hands.

It’s not a good look as a customer, and it’s really not a good look when it’s issues that have persisted for months, along with the issues that have continued to persist for 4+ years.

@SoloAsylum please send the following information:

Operating System (OS):
Internet Service Provider (ISP):
Mobile (yes/no):
Desktop (yes/no):
Location Information:

In PRIVATE messages only. Add screenshots and I’ll have a look.

No disrespect, but I don’t screenshot things when things are going wrong, I’m too busy trying to get the game I paid for to load without losing hands.

I got no ill will towards you or any of the mods here, y’all are class act, but I got no faith in this site’s management getting the publisher to fix this software without doing a complete rebuild, which they should have done last year when the site was down for 3 days.

I WILL send the info, sans screenshots obviously. But, I’m just really tired. This site makes it a chore to play on EVERY time I’ve tried to play on it the last 1.5 years, I can’t remember a single time of being able to load up the client and play just a few tournaments without either the client or site or both glitching out. Especially the 59% load crap, across 3 different devices. That’s what irks me most about any time I gotta try and make contact with customer support, they’re really gonna remind me about the Refer a Friend bonus… WHY would I want to refer a friend here, when it’s frustrating to play on here? Why would I want to feel responsible inviting a person that I closely know, to trust putting their money on a site, which technologically functions more like a Beta test for a soon to be released product, instead of a site that’s been operating for 7 years. I can play on all other sites just fine. I play to forget my problems, paying money to saddle another aggravation onto my back isn’t doing it anymore.

Please provide as much details as you can. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to assist.

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