Did this win pay accurately?

Playing Mystic Elements, betting $4. Two rows of 3 flames paid $160 on a previous spin, I think. Two rows of 4 flames paid $180? Just seeking confirmation. Thanks!

So the game offers 10 payout lines meaning your $4 bet is divided by 10 so you’re playing $0.40 a credit.

4 flames pay out $40 for each payline for you based on the bet amount. You hit 4 flames on lines 1,3,4,9 for $160 and then 3 flames on line 7 that pays $20.

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Thanks! I appreciate the explanation!


Me, when I play, is just for fun. I don’t know the lines (don’t even know if they are explained). If I make a few bucks, great, if I blow $12, no biggie.

The win seemed low to me for some reason, maybe because I switch games a lot and 4 in a row with the top symbol pays more on others.