Do I qualify for cash back

Do I qualify for cash back?

No, unfortunately your account is not eligible for this.

What qualifies you for cash back?

It is part of the crypto exclusive program. It is not for all accounts though.

Figures lol …7k in the last 30 days atleast with no withdrawal. This is why I’ve barely been depositing at this point.

As I said, you would firstly need to be in the crypto exclusive program, and not all players that are in that get cashback, the majority will only get the spins and points etc.

Why is that? What makes those people different than the people that do not receive cashback?

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I couldn’t tell you the exact criteria, that would be down to marketing. But a lot of things are account specific, and typically down to things like deposits/withdrawals/gameplay etc.

My goodness, this is an absolute mess. The market team, are they actually the host team? I believe they are

Totally wouldn’t qualify right? Lmao

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The Hosting team are nothing to do with marketing they are different departments.

You are not part of the crypto exclusive program, so you wouldn’t qualify anyway unfortunately.

Yeah I got that part thank you very much. Just making a point as is my right.

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@Davy just curious if the crypto exclusive members who do get the cash back also get the spins, ticket and points or is it some get one or the other?

Generally speaking, yes they would.

How do i find out if i qualify for this? I am a crypto exclusive member.

This is not something you would be eligible for unfortunately

Do I qualify for cashback at all

This doesn’t appear to be one of your benefits unfortunately.

So I am crypto exclusive and I take it I don’t qualify either right? Because I have not got cash back