Don't Receive Weekly Ignition Rewards $2,500 Freeroll Ticket / RAKEBACK OFFER?

I have never received the weekly ignition rewards $2,500 freeroll ticket in the course of the two years I have had this account. I have contacted support multiple times entailing this with promises of it being fixed, but despite that nothing has happened. This will be the sixth time I’ve contacted customer support in hopes of getting this resolved, and I am pretty frustrated seeing I don’t have the same opportunity as the other players on your site. Due to all of this inconvenience and the lack of proper communication, I will be detailing my issue alongside picture proof - hopefully someone can help me out.

Each week I deposit anywhere from $30 to $100 in Bitcoin in order to receive the bitcoin depositor freeroll ticket which WORKS. As you can see, I’m currently enrolled in it here (as shown with the RED ARROW pointing to the tournament):

However, I do NOT RECEIVE the Weekly Ignition Rewards Freeroll ticket each week. I never have. Instead, for some reason I receive TWO Bitcoin depositor freeroll tickets. I believe this is a glitch on your end and I would like this to be fixed. I have also taken a picture to display me never having the ticket, despite having all fulfillments required (I am above Platinum level in your rewards, currently within GOLD TIER):

Here is a picture proving I am Gold Tier (as you can see, it says I have access to the weekly freerolls, but I do not):


As one last request, I would like to know if your site offers any rakeback bonus. I play anywhere from 40,000 to 100,000 hands a month at your 25NL zone stakes and have probably given your site well over $10,000 in rake. I want to continue playing on Ignition but I feel as though I’m being short changed, given the amount of volume and work I put in. Do you have any exclusive offers for members who play the number of hands I do per week? Thank you.

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@z00ted, Welcome to the Forum.

The ticket has now been added to your account. please let us know if you’re able to join the tournament Thursday and if not we’ll look further into it. Next week you can also PM us if you don’t receive it again.

As far as rakeback unfortunately this isn’t something we offer.

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Scratch that. Received the ticket. THANK YOU. Hopefully I continue receiving these every week.

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Thanks for the quick and immediate reply. You’re genuinely the best support service I’ve had in years. Unfortunately, the ticket is not in my account lol. I’ll let you know if it hits sometime soon or by next Thursday. Unfortunate to hear about rakeback – your poker players deserve better.

@Foster once again no longer receiving the ticket. It gives me two bitcoin depositor freeroll tickets instead of one of those and the weekly poker freeroll ticket for the tournament (chrome level advantage). Any way you could fix my account so I don’t have to come back to this thread every week? Appreciate it.

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Thank you for letting us know. I have now added your Ticket Weekly Ignition Rewards $2,500 Freeroll, for you to redeem.

We will escalate the issue further to the appropriate department and keep you updated.

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Didn’t receive a Weekly Ignition Rewards $2,500 Freeroll ticket this week once again - can a moderator please add one to my account? @Foster @Jenny

@z00ted that’s in your account rewards now.

@Davy can I receive another ticket, please? My account still hasn’t been fixed to get one every week.

I’m checking for you now.

Hey @z00ted,

The Weekly $2,500 Bitcoin Depositor Freeroll Entry Ticket is available on your available tickets.

Can you confirm that you see this please?

I’m not asking for that, I’m asking for the Weekly Freeroll ticket for being in the chrome level. Please read the previous moderators posts as well as my first one I made in the thread. I still do not have it. @Foster @Matt

@z00ted You should see this ticket now

Thanks, can y’all fix my account? Why don’t I get it every week?

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We’ll check in on that as well

Can you add my ticket please?

@jaws11 I believe this was handled by CS.

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Hello, good afternoon, I have the same problem, would you help me solve it? I don’t receive the weekly tickets! @Matt @Jenny

@ImboxKs welcome to the forum, if you are referring to the weekly freeroll, you would need to be chrome level or above to be eligible for these.