Error, ” We’re not able to process your request at this time. Please try again.”

This has always been a recurring problem for me, but in the past couple of hours it’s insane. Thousands of pop ups, tried to restart the poker client (on a Mac) and could not take my seat in the tourny I was playing in. So I’m presumably getting blinded off as I click “ok” to a million pop ups. Sad!

@jimbo1 welcome to the Forum.

This is something we are working on, and looking to fix as soon as possible. We should have some news regarding this coming in the near future.

In the meantime to mitigate these issues try the steps outlined here as they are general troubleshooting steps for a Mac.

Thank you.

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As you may be aware, we released an update earlier today which should prevent multiple error message from popping up.

We appreciate everyone’s patience regarding this, and if you come across it again in the future, please do let us know.

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Ya I want my money back for all these tournaments that I lost because of this

This guy sam had enough nerve to bold face lie to me saying there were no issues on ignitions end that it was my connection he said this more than once

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I am so frustrated. Ignition reps verified my disconnection in the $10,888 guaranteed with the $15 plus $1.50 buy in. I was disconnected with 226,000 in chips with the blinds at 8,000 and 16,000 so I had over 10 big blinds. Ignition called being disconnected for ONE HOUR at this point of the tournament a “minor disruption”. LOL. I log back in an hour later and I have been blinded out and knocked out and they call it a minor disruption. In what world is being blinded out of your last 14 big blinds a minor problem???

@Gambleholic63 I’m sorry to hear of any frustration with the disconnection you encountered. I’ll have a look and send you a PM shortly.

Since the last update I haven’t been getting spammed nonstop with the error messages but still get an occasional one.

That’s good to hear.

There may be an occasional error message that crops up, but the update was released to fix the multiple error messages from opening at the same time.

I’m not sure if it was the update, but I downloaded the software via Google Chrome on my i5, 12 RAM computer running Windows 10 and I haven’t had an error message or problem since then. It looks like the worst of this issue might be behind us.

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So, it looks like you will get the “we’re not able to process” box whenever you open your first tournament lobby. However, if you don’t hit OK, and just move that box somewhere else you will no longer get any more popups

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This is the first time I see this message right at the beginning of my session. It pops up when I open a lobby. I decided to do a full uninstall to see if I still get it, and yes I still do. Im hoping today’s session goes smoothly. Also, I noticed that pop ups causes the lobby to not show how many re-entries there are in tournaments. And how many I have remaining. This is a screen shot of tourneys that I know have re-entries, but it doesn’t show on top left like it normally do because of the pop ups.

@LennoxWay thank you for the screenshot. We’ll have this looked into.

Also I remember it showing re-entry info in here also.

@LennoxWay are you looking to clarify if the tournament changed? I can see in the screenshot that this tournament states ‘no Re-buys’

Letting you know the $7777 tourneys always have re-entries. The error message is causing the re-entry info to disappear.

@LennoxWay perfect, thanks for the clarification.