Error, ” We’re not able to process your request at this time. Please try again.”

Thanks for bringing this to our attention everyone, we know it’s been a frustrating issue.

We’re taking a further look into it, and we’ll keep you all updated.

“We’re not able to process your request at this time. Please try again” window pops up literal hundreds of times, causing masive lagging and unplayable tables. When using task manager there are hundreds of ignition tasks opened.

During these times you can register for tournaments but they do not open.

My interent works fine and other sites operate without issues. It is 100% a software issue …



Hi @methia33 and welcome to the forum. I’ve moved your question to this topic as it’s something we’re already discussing.

We’ve gathered all information we need and are looking into getting this resolved. We’ll be sure to update everyone here when we have more details.

It sucks when I am already playing a few, (already deep into tourneys) and I decide to register for a new tourney and that table doesn’t open with no “take my seat” option. Only way is to close down client and re-open, which we can’t really afford to miss hands. Hope this gets fixed along with the lag/disconnect problems.

Trying to play a game of poker sometimes turns into a nightmarish game of closing neverending error messages. This gif I made while playing tonight you can somewhat see shows a ton of the same error message popping up repeatedly which drastically interferes with gameplay.


Ya I’ve lost alot of money from poker freezing and lagging badly so bad I was blinded out. And I have been here complaining and the moderators more then once tell me it’s my fault

Sam tell me it’s my fault

I learned how to make gifs last night because I wanted to show these error messages.

Link to Error Message GIF

Software is still so bad. It was running smooth when I started, downhill from there. Scared to register for extra tourneys. Glad I won’t be playing this weekend, I predict it will be hell and this forum will be flooded with complaints.

yep the software has been almost unplayable for the last 2-3 days. Constant pop ups “unable to process request” (one popped up as I was type that). Lobbies aren’t loading. Even if the lobby loads Im unable to click the register button. Table are freezing. Software is crashing. Superbowl Sunday is going to be an absolute shit show. It was last year.

This never ends. Its been like this on and off for YEARS. Not going to deposit anymore. I’ll be playing on BetOnline

The Poker client crashed a couple times today while in two MTTS. I checked my Task Manager after the last crash, and below is what it showed, even after the client wasn’t running anymore. I had to select End Task to close the Ignition processes, to keep my CPU from running almost maxed out while unknown Ignition processes were running, while the poker client wasn’t. :dizzy_face::exploding_head:



The poker client just crashed again and I checked Task Manager.


Can confirm. Never had problems before. Decided to check out the tournies, took forever to register for a free roll. There are a ton of additional Ignition processes running while in the mtt lobby. They do no collect with the main task manager profile. It is laggy, very slow (decided to watch a tourney instead of register). Note, I do not have the cpu issue, cpu does not get over 14% or 20%, but the software lag makes it impossible to register or re enter.

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We understand that this is an issue that’s affecting your experience with us and we certainly do appreciate all of your reports.

I’ve escalated the details you’ve all shared here so that we can investigate further.

Same issue today and have had many times in the past. lag and processing usage is out of control.


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I’m having the same problem! Froze up my tournaments

Yep same here for the last 3 days. The lag is unplayable and it keeps crashing. All-in runs are stalling then you miss like 2-3 hands after etc. Seems to be worst since your last update.