Ever had the fun of a jackpot wheel spin on Reels n Wh XL?

Just wondering how many people actually hit the jackpot spin and then get the shot at the big enchilada. I own the 9x slot on the wheel when I get to spin the wheel.

roll call with "hit " or "neva’?

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Neva! Probably literally 10,000 spins and never. Hit every multiplier but never JP. Watched it get hit 500+ times. I’m so tired of even trying

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I have seen ppl talk about hitting it twice but only getting the mini. I wonder if bet sizing matters .

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Personally I feel like it does, but that game would be perfect for smaller bettors to get a chance at a small jp. And let the big bettors get the big jp’s

I play minimal bet and never hit a jackpot on a wheel. Total I would say I play around 12 hours or so.

PS But I hit X 250 once

3-5 weeks ago I believe 40 CENTS better hit a jackpot

I would love to hit that jackpot option once. Wouldn’t we all. I really wondered if I was the only one who never , ever has hit that spot on the wheel. :slight_smile: Sorry , you are in my company .

250 would be fun! Yeah, I saw someone hit the whole enchillda at .40 not too long ago. I was like , yeah! It can happen. Yet, I have never even sniffed a mini… :slight_smile:

I think the highest I ever got was a 50x , out of maybe a thousand spins. Never got a jackpot. I keep telling myself that the wheel is better than free spins … but I always get sad when I see it’s a wheel.

I GOT ONE!!! mini 461 on 20 c bet !

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I’ve got it twice in thousands of spins.

3 times since I started playing last year.

I hit 11k on $2 bet and 2k on $5 bet

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I’ve hit it a few times but I always play that game but always the mini or minor when the minor is small

In two years have hit

Major 1x. 10$ bet
Minor 4x .40 bet(2x) 5$ (2x)
Mini probably 10x betting anywhere from .40 -2.00.

I didn’t think it was possible until I finally hit it, then again several times after. Still never enough times. Hope I’m due for another soon. Lol.

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My first day ever on here i hit it and made about 2.1k. It’s been non-existent since then


I hit the minor back in September on a sister site

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Got a couple lol


Dear lord man you’re the luckiest son of a gun i’ve ever seen! I’ve never once hit the jackpot wheel and you’ve hit 5 times?! That’s insane! I normally only bet 2$ and below though so I wonder if that affects it…