Exclusive question

So a chat representative just did this for me the other day but had said it was on a $30 deposit needed.

This is not correct, as the program requires a $100 deposit. Perhaps they were confused as it used to be $30.

Well thats nice to know now. And it has to be a single deposit?

Yes it has to be a single deposit. It cannot be combined

Well, this is pardon me but some BS that I was told the wrong information, and now I’ll be ineligible for the rewards this week. It’d be different if it was myself that looked up the wrong information.

We’re sorry that this happened. We’ll make sure to educate the agent. You can use the benefits this week by depositing correct amount.

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Just for clarity here is a screenshot from the promotion page.

I no longer have that amount available until payday. Thank you for yhe quick response though. Also, Davy thank you for the screenshot, but i already seen that which is why i made the post. Lol. I commend you on your due dilligence though.

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I have a crypto question why can’t I become a member I’ve heard before that you guys ain’t doing the program anymore but someone I recommended to this website just became a crypto member

Welcome @theone42066, to opt-in to the BTC exclusive program please click here

anyone know which slot the spins are on? I clicked to fast and forgot.

The spins are on Caesar’s Victory.