Feature Request: Auto Top Up Cash Games

Title explains it all, one of the most annoying aspects of the poker client is not being able to top up before your next hand. You lose a hand, you’re at 30bb then you hit a monster hand, but sadly you’re winning a max of 30bb if the pot is heads up. It seems criminal not to have this function especially for the zone games.

Edit: I also wanna add ignition is losing rake because we aren’t full stacked in some of these potential big pots, ultimately its in your best interest from a monetary standpoint to get this implemented asap lol.


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I’ve updated the category to ‘Site Feedback - Investigating’, we’ll take a look into this and come back to you as soon as we have an update.

Any updates on this?

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@Foster why is there no auto top off for ignition? It’s really tiresome to have to keep topping off when you come across the blinds.

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This seems like the most obvious feature to have, especially considering no one has bothered to fix the glitch that occasionally prevents one from topping up without having to close and reopen the window. Is there a good reason as to why the glitch still exists and Auto Top-Up doesn’t?


Exactly! How hard is it to add auto top up? A must have feature for cash game players! Not having this feature on top of the issues when add chip button doesn’t work is crazy! When add chips breaks you have to leave your table, load a new one, and hope you’re not stuck at a newly created table on get stuck heads up and forced to post a blind.

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the worst is when you are in the big blind and you get stacked.
there is no wait to re-buy period.
and no auto-rebuy.

so you are forced to skip posting the small blind then you miss the button and you have to post the small blind in cutoff.

i reported this before still not fixed.

what worries me in todays high tech smart kids day and age are hackers.
hackers are hacking everything from hollywood to the gov and every person they can.

when there is lag on simple software updates…
it really makes me worry about the smart kid hackers might find a trick and it might not ever get fixed.

kids are reading computer programing language books from the age of 5.
i cant even get past page 1


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Everyone is reading the computer programming books, except, apparently, the Ignition dev team.

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I’ve already given up hope of ever seeing the top-up glitch actually fixed, but is there any chance we ever actually see auto top-up come to fruition?

Top up has been working for me. Though I prefer auto.

Yup, how is this not already a feature?

Our Poker team have discussed this suggestion but have chosen not to move forwards with it for the time-being.

I’ve moved this over to ‘Dismissed’ but it could be something that we re-visit in the future.

Hoping it’s far enough in the future for the Poker team to re-visit this; it’s inane to have to sit out for an entire orbit if you bust in either the UTG or BB position just because you literally cannot top up before the next hand.

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I just finished a hand. I lost 20bb in the previous hand, I got to the next hand short 20bb, I did not know I would lose the hand or I would have already manually topped up as always, now I get AKs I squeeze and get shoved on, call and another player calls. I end up winning with a flush, I now have just 240bb approx where as normally id have 300bb if I were to have been topped up.

That’s about half of a buy in I’m missing out on because there’s no auto top up feature which makes absolutely no sense because auto top up is just a super standard feature of poker.

I play tens of thousands of hands per month so this is one hand out of thousands so there is no telling how much money I am short because of this.

I really love Ignitions layout out of all other sites. Please add more features. Also to view in BB instead of money. Man Ignition would be so perfect then.

Thank you.

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This is something that we brought up before, but were told it wasn’t something that would be pursued in the near future.

I’ll run the suggestion up the totem pole again to see if there’s any changes.

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I just dont understand why they would say no to this. It makes absolutely no sense. The more money in the game the more money they make…?

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it is too hard for them to make ANY changes at all, even to fix bugs that were reported 7 months ago.

but i feel safe from hackers, i am sure their security got that under control.