Feedback and Review (Slots)

Hello fellow Ignition staff!

First off I want to say thank you for the support and this epic website. I’ve been playing often and I really like the different slot options, bonus’s and customer service. I like the classic slots you all have and the newer ones as well. I’ve won big and had my losses, I mean that’s how the cookie crumbles with gambling of course. I stream this website often on twitch and everyone finds it very appealing to the eye.

I would believe the only two suggestions I would have are;

1: To buy a bonus. A feature where you can buy directly into the bonus instead of spinning it. I’m not saying every slot should be like this but maybe one or two. Other sites (changed by moderator for third party restrictions) have that type of option for most of their slots and it’s a great idea for Ignition. For these other sites the USA people would have to VPN in to play on (I don’t recommend it). I’d say buying the bonus would benefit the site and the audience base.

2: I love playing the slots just to play. If a demo mode for the slots was an option, I’d definitely go for it. This would mean players would be able to try slots before playing with demo money. Even for the losses and no funds to play with it’ll give those players, including myself a chance to play without currency (demo money).

These are the two suggestions I have for slots, otherwise… This site is amazing 10/10. Glad to be here with you all and good luck!! :smiley:

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Thanks for the feedback! Can you clarify the first item here a bit? What would buying into a bonus entail? Do you put part of the spin funds into a bonus fund? Do you simply pay to always get the bonus?

As for the second option this is already offered. We do have practice play, you can get to it by simply pressing the x on the window that pops up for any casino game when it asks you to login. You do need to be logged out to play practice play.

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Ohhhhh I see the demo mode now. Aha never knew that was there. Thank you :relaxed:.

As for buying the bonus. I was stating the bonus can be bought with the actual funds you have. Let’s take 777 Deluxe for an example.

  • I have $50 that I deposited. I want to play 777 deluxe bonus. Instead of spinning to hit the bonus, I can buy it.-

You brought up a good point as well. Using the bonus funds you have from deposits and wins only to use for buying a bonus on a game.

It’s a bit hard to explain, I apologize.

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Here is and example of a bonus buy

Not advertising any website here, but this site is also USA based. Just an example of what the slot would look like.

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I figured out how to get a bonus on this site. Instead of betting $60 or $150 a hand all you got to do is bet 30 cent works every time. Don’t add up to squat but it is a bonus lmao

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