Feedback to reduce chat time

One of the most frustrating things is using the chat option to reach customer service. In my opinion it is a very inefficient process and so time consuming. On many occasions I have spent over an hour on chat just to ask simple questions.

I am curious to know how many chats each agent is engaged in at any given moment.

Anyways here are some of my ideas. Feel free to share yours…

1.) Prior to chat there should be option to verify pin/ date of birth to eliminate several minutes

2.) Avoiding questions such as “how’s your weekend?” “Do you enjoy skiing?” “”What’s your favorite food?”

3.) Agents should be provided with all available promotions/ programs info on a daily basis. On many occasions agents seem to not have any knowledge of advertisements or particular programs so the customer has to end up explaining it/ sending screenshots etc.

4.) Maybe experimenting with a microphone option to send voice messages to reduce typing time.

5.) Making previous chat history available to customer so that it can be referenced such as the name of agent spoken to or to take screenshot of messages to send to new agent

6.) Placing a warning message to customer service agents screen if customer has been waiting for more than 3-4 minutes. It would force them to interact sooner

7.) Show the customer the peak times for chat. Some customers may not have an urgent issue and will wait until slower chat times. This would allow more urgent issues to be addressed sooner

8.) Add audio sound to chat box when message is received so customer replies faster


Thank you for your feedback and suggestion @tpatton2915, we’ll have this forwarded over.

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I appreciate you reading my post Bianca. I’m glad you are able to see the issue to both sides and are open to new ideas/ suggestions

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I agree with ALL of these but especially 1 & 2. I understand they’re trying to be nice but when I reach out to chat frustrated over a missing payout or a gameplay issue or whatever and they reply with “So do you like to cook? I love cooking! I’m going to school for it.” Lmao. Umm ok cool. Good talk


Man, those questions they ask :joy: Like “May I ask, would you rather be millionaire and miserable, or not millionaire but happy?” Sometimes I get really deep with my answers just to see how they respond. So time consuming!


When someone is reaching out to customer service it is because they have an issue or concern that they want addressed. The last thing they want is to be asked irrelevant questions. This always makes me so upset because it makes me feel like they are downplaying my issue


I do recall recently a chat that went something like this recently. It was hilarious.

Agent: Do you watch sports

Me: Yes. I’m going to watch the packers play tonight

Agent: Is there a team you like to watch?

Me: Yes. The Green Bay Packers. I’m from Wisconsin.

Agent: What would you do if you win the lottery?

Me: Get front row tickets to the Green Bay Packers

Agent: I haven’t seen them in concert yet. I enjoy country music. That’s my favorite.

If they didn’t know who the packers were they should’ve asked for clarity or not ask sports questions. I feel like it’s just reading from a paper


It’s important to remember chat agents are real humans. I think the fact that they ask genuinely interesting questions to promote real interactions to be not only novel, but so much more endearing than “being professional”. Sure, sometimes it feels contrived but mostly it feels genuine if you are genuine and the world needs MORE genuine human interactions.

My two cents.

P.S. - Pro Tip— Input DOB and PIN code into initial message. You have now saved yourself those minutes. You don’t need to influence a casino’s entire chat infrastructure to affect change for yourself. Think on your feet.

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I understand that you somewhat enjoy the small talk that chat agents give. There are still several ideas offered to help improve the experience. Change isn’t always a bad thing. I have posted this across all 4 forums and many ideas have gained support. I offered the ideas to not only affect change for myself, but for everyone who uses the chat function

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And yes I also enter my pin/ dob in my first message, however when I came up with my ideas it was keeping all users in mind. Not just myself :wink:. I’m sure many users do not do that. The idea is better efficiency for all


@Foster . You seem to very knowledgeable and have been here for several years from what I can see. Surely you understand the system in its entirety.

Im curious to know your thoughts on my feedback provided?

I do agree with a number of them and know that some of these are already being looked at. Some of the items like warning message items or being provided daily updates on promotions are already in place, players simply just don’t see them on their end.

I also think the personal stuff is person to person as you can see above. Some players like the personal touch and some do not, we can of course always note the account as such if it’s not something you want advised to you.

I’m not sure that the audio and voice options are something that can be integrated into our current chat interactions but this is better feedback for our technical teams.

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Thanks for the response Foster. At least there are some things in motion that you indicated to help alleviate chat time. That’s a good start.

You are correct about the human interaction part being really a case by case basis. It seems most on the forums would rather part ways with that, but there probably are more recreational players who enjoy it.

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