Free games on hot drop Buffalo then game stopped

I just had 8 free games on hot drop Buffalo, then it did the reload again and never got back to my free games. How can I get them back?

If you log out, clear your cache and then log back in, load the game and then open a duplicate tab. This would resume any open game

i wasn’t in a bonus but the game froze and when i tried to reload it says i have a session open and wouldn’t let me play, i got frustrated after 10 or so tries and gave up, then i tried a few hours later and it worked but then i notice ive got winning rolls and its not paying me i have at least 3 screen shots. I so P.O. right now. Im trying to win this stupid jackpot and Ive gotta screen print and go to setting to make sure thats a payout line and then try to figure out if im an idiot or wtf is going on!!! and now im wondering how much yall got me for all together playing this hot shot BS

you also need to make sure your betting the same amount that your were betting when you rolled the bonus. It always comes back for me.

Look at my bonus at the very beginning