Free spins reward

When do the rewards get issued each week? I thought it was Monday?


The spins and points are issued up to 48 hours after a qualifying deposit of $30 or more is made,

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This is the problem I’m having I just claimed mine but can’t find it now?

@Nightmare81 you should be able to redeem them on your rewards page now

I did claim it but I don’t see it

@Nightmare81 They weren’t available to redeem before. They were just added for you now.

Awesome I just saw that. Appreciate that!

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Signed up for bitcoin exclusive, got the match, still haven’t seen free spins.

Hi @mikestorney welcome to the forum. Upon checking your account you have not yet registered for the bitcoin exclusive programme, we can upgrade this for you now if you would like us to do so?

Yes I also have another question about deposits

Sure, how can we help?

What happens to the biycoin if it wasn’t the minimum amount

If the amount was below the minimum that is stated on site then the amount would be lost. Feel free to send us a PM here with the details if you have them and we can check further

Hey I haven’t received my free roll ticket and it’s tonight also I opted in again for the bitcoin exclusive but idk if it went through

Also I’m going to check but I don’t believe I ever received bonus spins

We will send you a PM

yes, please do.

@mikestorney this has now been done for you. It typically takes around 48 hours for the changes to reflect on your account, so I would advise you check back with us and we can confirm if the changes are in place for you.

Hello so I just got into the bitcoin exclusive program and have not received any free spins or 15 k points or didn’t get my deposit matches only my first deposit match but nothing after that?

@Thomasmancias Welcome to the Forum.

On review it doesn’t appear that you’re part of the BTC exclusive program on our end. While we see that your payment options are crypto only, this is a payment decision and you need to upgrade into the BTC program. Have you gone HERE and clicked on ‘Upgrade Now’? Note that it does take approximately 24-48 hours until you’re actually in the program.