Freeroll cancelled!

So the 2500 freeroll finally got cancelled 10 hours after it started. If in the unlikely event Ignition decides to do something for the players affected how will they know about players like myself that couldnt even join the tournament due to an error? I will reiterate major problems have been going on all week with all sites casino and poker! Interesting that I have Yet to see any affirmation or admission of sitewide issues!!

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Yep I played all ten hrs spent all nite up playing. I’m beyond frustrated with this site and their bs


6th one that hasnt run this past 12 months. Why would they compensate this one and not the other 5?

I dont understand the compensation? A ticket to a feeroll that we already get a ticket for? So we now have 2 tickets for the sane freeroll? Wtf is that


I was in first place 🫤 canceled. Gave me 2 freeroll tickets. This is a effing joke. A joke. Slap in the face. This can’t continue. They don’t give a shit about us. No loyaly

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lol now the sites are crashing. this is lol

I dont expect them to do shit btw! There site has been so f’d up all week! Every spin i make on caesars victory freezes up after a winning spin! Every spin! Bonus round or not. These f**ks have the b*lls to tell me to clear my cache! This has happened for 5 days! I have played here for over 10 years! Im not an idiot! Every question they ask me is insulting.

They hide problems by throwing them under the rug and pushing complaints to dm’s. Makes u feel like its just you!!

But yet I still play once in awhile now, that is very close to ending as i can see the same with others. This is not the type of site that cares one bit about any problems. They would rather piss u off and have you leave than to have someone continue to bitch!

Btw have yet to see anyone admit to one f ing problem on all 3 sites I play on! Y? Cause that would mean compensation! Y they think they must hold to that one rule when they dont care about anything else other than “fast payouts” is hysterical

I have almost 10,000,000 points between the 3. Not the highest but i have played plenty!

There M.0. Is absolutely scandalous. Nothing anymore about them other than fast payouts is trustworthy. Those seem to be hard to come by the last 2 years. Huge difference! Huge!

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Dear players, we totally understand your disappointment. We’re still waiting for the updates and we’ll get back to you.

We’re once again very sorry for your recent experience.


I told you Nicolas. This shit is not going away.

We’re all pissed

So the issue is still going on with all sites. Every win other than if win is horses only on caesars victory freezes! Been going on all week! I just recorded video from another phone and tried to upload it but lol you dont allow any iphone extensions?! Not like 50% of the US has them! Guess me explaining the problem isnt enough cause its still going on?! Get your shit together! I assume this problem is from the newest update.


Now my spin is permanently stuck on 10 times vegas at slots I saw this same issue with same game on other thread and they claimed it was not a winning spin lol! Everytime i refresh page the same spin it spins and lines up with 3 hearts and 3 berries! Id post this at slots but i cant get into their forum! Besides this is not a slots only problem! Every winning spin gets stuck on ceasars as well on every site. Only difference is i can unstick that spin! Also every game will not allow you to start game by clicking real money. You have to turn phone to landscape first! This is obviously an issue only affecting iphone users with the latest dl i assume! When are you guys going to realize something is up with your site?!

Who in your company actually said, "yeah, lets give them two tournament tickets (when they get one a week anyway) that they can’t possible use (since there is only one freeroll a week) and call it compensation.

I was up until 4am, having to work the next day, so no, you don’t understand our disappointment. At least throw us some site points, those are only next to worthless instead of completely worthless like the tickets.

I got 2x $2500 freeroll tickets that i get every week. smh… Are you serious?

Nicholas I’m asking legitimately here: what are we supposed to do with two free roll tickets? Like even if we didn’t get one freeroll ticket per week (which we do), why would two freeroll tickets for a single week be worth anything? We can’t use them. So now I’ve got 3 freeroll tickets for one week, of which I’m allowed to use 1. Legitimately what is the rationale here? Am I missing something?

I’m not entirely sure why 2 tickets were issued to be honest.

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Shouldn’t have been ANY, not for that particular freeroll anyway. Not unless staff was going to do a special makeup freeroll… There was just no logic from higher-ups behind any of the decision making concerning the incident from the very get-go, and that’s what’s concerning.


Appreciate the honesty, Davy. I was legitimately wondering if I had missed something.


I am actually happy that Davy at least acknowledged that it doesn’t make any sense. Thanks Davy! You restored some hope

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I wasted my extra tournament ticket on the freeroll today that won’t load and let anyone join, may I have another ticket please?

It will not load poker teo weeks in a row. Tourment time lost. Wt%