Freeroll tickets disappear the day of tournament

I have registered for about 4 of these and never was able to play

Free roll tickets have a 14 day timeframe to use before expiring

These weren’t expired. There scheduled for a certain day I thought. Anyway I never can join tournament because it disappears the day of

What should I do can you check where the one fit today went on my account

So you are able to register but not play?

Freerolls are every Thursday at 9:05 PM ET


Same with week rewards

Can u help me

@Kgaro1 next weeks free roll is available to register already. Can you try and see

Yes but I have registered and logged in to play but the tournament no where

Many times

So the next tournament is on June 2nd. You would only be able to join the tables and play that tournament on that date

Then how would you go about entering in out the day of?

Can you check if a promotion can be added to my account