Funky Monkey free spins

This week’s crypto exclusive free spins are for a game that I’ve never seen or heard of. I cannot find the game anywhere. I contact customer support and they just asked me a bunch of questions about my system and internet service provider…which I thought was kind of weird.

The fact that this happened is just another strange occurance in an ever growing list of things that should never be an issue. How is it that this is only website that I visit that any of these problems?

I demand to be compensated for this inconvenience ASAP.

It’s a mobile exclusive slot.

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It would seem that the spins were now played.

I can’t find game either mobile or not

Have you searched for it in the search box, it’s working fine for me. And the player above recently played his spins.

Yes I’ve searched in box and clicked all games and it’s not listed anywhere in f or m… it’s not coming up anywhere

You are using a phone? It is not available on desktop, it’s a mobile only game.


Can I suggest you try logging out of your account and clearing your cache and cookies, or try another browser you may have. It’s working fine this end.

Got to work in chrome… didn’t work on safari


if it’s a mobile only slot why would they make that a bonus I am handicap and can only play on my pc

Unfortunately I cannot answer that, they do chop and change with the slots. Would it be possible for a family member to play them for you maybe?