Games freezing costing me tournaments

The last three jackpot sng tournaments I entered froze on me costing more than half my chips and ultimately the tournament. I not only cleared cache exited and re entered logged out and jumped through all those hoops I even went as far as deleted and reinstalled the app. I’ve been sitting in the same spot I sit in everyday and play with full signal. I’d been playing all morning without any issues. Is there anything you moderators can do? I can’t get through on the chat which I’m assuming is probably because I’m not the only one that had these issues. I would like tickets issued for all three of those tournaments. This is ridiculous. It’s blatantly obvious your issue at this point.


Hi @FaQuit,

I looked at your last 3 tournaments and do not see any connection issues. Of the last 18 jackpot sit-and-go’s you played, I do see 2 where you did disconnect from some hands, and while I know that can be frustrating if you are the only one disconnected from a tournament, normally the source of the disconnection would not originate from our end. If we do experience issues, all or the majority of the players at the table will be disconnected. With that said please message me by clicking on my avatar and then “message” and provide the tournament numbers or the times that you experienced issues and I’ll be happy to look into it further for you:


There was a new ios update last week, has it ever occurred that your site doesnt match up to the latest update??

Their site barely even matches up to Windows. The poker client is constantly bugging out too.