Get emails about rewards i dont get

Hi @Cashforex,

I do apologize for the late response in relation to this. I’ve escalated this to our Marketing Team and once they have updated us you will be informed. We appreciate your patience and hopes that this does not occur again.

I have had this happen too before. They said they accidently sent it out early and it will show up in my rewards section soon, but it never happend, then when I ask support again they said they wasnt sure and couldnt help.

All taken care of. Was there when i logged in today. Thank you


I have also never received an email with any promotions. Do you know how to update your email address? Maybe its why I don’t even get a birthday gift every year. 2 years now nothing.

@Rtoole Offers/Bonuses are account specific but I see you have a few different match bonuses to redeem.

What are match bonuses?

@Rtoole I’ll send you a PM

How come I don’t receive emails like that? I never got a complimentary ticket to a tourney… how do I get those sent to me sometimes?

Any Bonuses or Gifts are issued randomly at the discretion of our Promotions Team. When you are eligible for a Bonus/Gift, you will be notified accordingly through a Player Message or via email.

I don’t get them either

id like a bonus via email… or any bonus offer for that matter. Im down $1500 this week here. I could use one.

I want a ticket too this my first time for this event. Thanks! Tony

These emails are promotions sent out by the marketing team from time to time.

I used to get free tickets to the monthly milly every month by making a $500 deposit. Then it dropped to a $60 satellite to the monthly milly for a few months. Then it went away altogether lol

I used to receive emails but never do now too and when i try to update profile… it will uncheck the email box everytime after i checked it

There is hardly any bonuses being offered anymore anyway that aren’t already in your bonus page.