Giveaway at end of the month

When is the drawing for bitcoin exclusive rewards member giveaway I have about 180 entries

We’ll reach out to our marketing team and check in for an ETA


Ok I Am still waiting

Ok it’s December 3 and still no winner has been notified on the 10,000$ drawing this is ridiculous


I just wanted to clarify that the delay is usually with trying to contact the winners via phone. The draw itself is done fairly quickly but before we make the announcement and post the winners names we have to receive full consent from the winners to do so.


Did the entry information state that winners would be notified on here as well. My phone generally spams 1800 numbers so that isn’t the best way to reach me if I were to ever win.

Winners would be called but if they try enough times without any luck; then an email/account message would be sent in its place. We can only post winners names publicly once we have the okay from the winners to do so

Has a winner been drawn

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Any word on the winners of the cash giveaway? It’s Dec 8th…plenty of time to give consent to post

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Apologizes for the late response @Lovely, we’ll reach out to the promotion team to confirm this for you and keep you posted here.

We have reached out to the promo team now. A winner will be selected this Friday, so we will likely have the actual announcement next week once we contact the winners.


Thank you

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Who winners

We haven’t received a list of winners at this time.

What time do you think they will be notifying winners?? It’s lunch time for me so now would be good.

As soon as we get the information sent we will share it, but winners will be contacted.

Any winners yet???

I can advise that $5000 was won by a Forum Member, he does however wish to remain anonymous.

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So I guess we won’t know who won the November drawings? What about December?

Yes, since the member wishes to remain anonymous. Once we have updates in regards to December, we will let you know.