Giveaway at end of the month

Any idea when the December drawing will take place

We’ll check with our marketing team

Just to follow up; the November winners were:

• Jon from California $5,000
• Arnel from Idaho $3,000
• Jason from California $2,000

The draw for December winners will be done next week and we’ll follow up with our team to get the winners announced here right away too.


Any update?

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How do you get entrys?

@Gtaeyler You can read about this promotion here

Our December winners for the giveaway:

•Jinny from California - $5,000
•Jesse from California $3,000
•Wyatt from South Dakota $2,000

when will you choose january winners?

We’ll get those posted as soon as possible.

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We’re January winners already picked

How do we know how many entries we have

Every time you deposit $50 or more with a card-free deposit method, you’ll automatically gain entry to that month’s draw. You may check out your transactions to see the qualified deposits.


Our January winners that have given consent to positing:

• Mark from Oregon $3,000
• Parker from Florida $2,000

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What about February winners?

We will post the winners once we have the information.

Ooh I pray it’s me

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Any updates on this? The entire point of giving away money (I assume) is to publicize it as a marketing device.

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I just found out about this promo. So do the winnings automatically appear in your account even if you don’t answer the phone? And do we have to opt into anything or just deposit via crypto (or other non card options)?

You may find more info here. Winning players will be contacted by phone.

Why do we have to harass you in order to receive just the first name and state in which these winners supposedly live. I mean, are we really playing by the honor system with am online casino? That seems really silly.