Gogo bingo specialty games

Hey there! Gogo bingo says that you have to release 31 balls in the new version but only 30 balls are actually released.

Per the description:

It’s bingo time at the casino. Go-Go Bingo is full of opportunities to land any one of the 12 winning patterns. You get four cards, and each one has 15 numbers. A total of 30 numbers (between 1 and 60) are drawn each round. Once the round’s over, if you’re short a number, you get another opportunity. Go-Go Bingo has an “Extra Balls” feature that gives you the option of buying extra balls. You can buy up to nine balls, giving you nine more chances to win an epic payout.

How to Play Go-Go Bingo
Select the coin value associated with each card.
Thirty-one random balls will be released.
Click “Extra Balls” to buy additional balls.

This was one of my favorite games.
Here you claim that you release 31 balls, can you please fix this? It makes the game much more fun and the ball cost from what I have seen has changed to reflect this change anyways. The game is currently much more expensive to play for 30 balls.


@heythereace We appreciate the detailed information and we’ll check on this for you.

yeah like the game changed at some point Im not sure why but for the worst
now it’s impossible to last in it at all.

for sure this new design must have intended 31 balls to be released.

the ball costs have gone up a lot, like if you were starting on the second round

ive seen this game in a few other casinos I think if you are getting it from a maker contact them and let them know

everything is perfect if you do 31 balls for each start and then nine additional extra balls

I honestly think more people would play it if you or the maker made the change I am proposing, it would be more fun since in the old game you could last for much longer without ruin

We’ve confirmed that only 30 balls will be released, and the reference to 31 balls was included in error. The game description has since been updated to reflect the correct amount.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!