Good forum, hopefully we can use it to make good changes!

Hey, hopefully this is in the right section and is on topic. I am new here thanks to bovada/ignition to build a medium like this for us to all share ideas, I hope the players will become closer with the ignition team and we can grow the site together. I am a long time MTT guy, so that is where my interest lies.

some things I think should be up for change:

-timebank/standard time allowed per player per street seems way too long. There is much more stalling on ignition, it effects the flow of the tournament on the bubble and as it bursts. I think each player gets 30 seconds standard, and also a 90 second time bank. I think keeping the 90 second time bank is good, maybe even 60 seconds. But the standard 30 sec per action is way too long. I think 20 seconds would be appropriate. Recreationals and regulars want FAST action.

-Tournament payout sturcture. I noticed lately all of the tournaments are 20-22% of the field paid, first place has gone down quite a bit in all events. I can see why you would want to do this but 15% max paid per tournament is good. The tournament fields are usually pretty small 150-250 ppl, 20% isnt necessary. On special events like the smpo or sunday 162, I think 20% of field paid is ok. But for the same daily tournaments a lower % paid out and higher to first would be good.

Thanks…look forward to my time here!

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Welcome to the forum @Nash2Cash, and thank you for sharing your ideas!

In the future, it would best to share ideas in the Site Feedback Category, with each idea being its own topic. That way we can tag them accordingly and give each proper visibility so that other forum members can find them more easily.

No worries about this post; I’ll separate them into two separate topics now :slight_smile:

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