Gumball 3000 Poker Tournament

Hi Everyone,

Be sure to check out our exclusive gumball 3000 poker events starting on April 12th until May 2nd.

All sorts of qualifiers are now running that lead to the Grand Prize (250k) event on May 2nd.

All the details can be found here and check out the video too.

As always, comment below in the thread and let us know how you’re doing in any of the events.


Did we have any forum members in the 250k Grand Prize Finale?

Yup was brutal :sweat_smile: 3 betted every hand ran into aces with kings twice AK rainbow flop AA again last hand of the night for me big blind suited queen reraised 2 callers flop top 2 pair get what had left in the middle was raised and reraised so knew it was over had to be a set :man_shrugging: pocket 2s and pocket kings 2s flopped a set KK goes down no QJ for me turn river and on the rail :face_vomiting: