Gumball Casino Giveaway

Hi everyone,

Incase you haven’t gained your entries yet; you have a couple days left for the big draw.

Any play in Fast and Sexy daily will earn you an entry on that day.

What’s on the line?

  • Play during April 20th - April 30th and the draw winner gets an all-expenses paid trip for 2 to party with us at a Gumball 3000 rally stop

  • Play during May 1st - May 15th and the draw winner will received a $2,500 Cash Prize

  • May 16th - June 3rd and the draw winner will received a $2,000 Cash Prize

  • June 4th - June 30th and the draw winner will received a $1,500 Cash Prize

The full details are located here

Let us know if you have any questions.


Week two is already under way. Make sure to get those entries in for the $2500 Cash Prize

Does it matter what increments are bet when playing or is the minimum just the same as any? And does one time spinning count as the drawing entry and after that it doesn’t matter? Until the next day ? Because I don’t like this game really This game robbed me bad like three times now

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There would be no minimum needed for the entry and yes, just one spin at the game minimum would gain you an entry that day

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Do you announce the winners here?

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Any winners will be contacted via account message or via email.

Where will the winners be posted?

You can find more info here.

Prizes: A customer service agent will contact winners directly. Upon accepting the prize, winners will be credited the value to their account within 72-96 hours. Winnings can be withdrawn immediately.

Quick question,

Does the promo only involve Fast & Sexy or does the new Gumball 3000 slot released today count as well? I only ask as the yellow ‘GUMBALL’ flag in the upper right seems to be gone from Fast & Sexy in the lobby.

Yes it would still be valid with Fast and Sexy only

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Do we still get free spins for playing fast n sexy?

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You may find more info about this here

That doesn’t really answer my question… last week I was awarded free spins on fast n sexy for playing during the promotion. I’m wondering if that’s still happening, all that article says is that there is a trip and 2 $2500 prizes

Sorry about that, the competition is still ongoing, we will check about the Spins and get back to you here.

Just circling back to this and as per the message you received, it would appear the spins were a one time thing:
"Thank you for participating in our exclusive Gumball 3000 Raffle & playing our Fast & Sexy Slots machine between 28/04 – 05/05.

Please note that we’ve added an additional surprise to your account yesterday, May 10th, as part of our big raffle for all of the players who took part in this promotion. Congratulations!"

I wasn’t awarded free spins for the promotions. I played every time I logged in. Can we check my account to see why I wasn’t given my free spins please?

I also have played fast and sexy and didn’t recieve any free spin for it

This wasn’t part of the promo as i posted above.

Amack1015 say they were awarded bonuses for the promotion or was that something different?

They were issued spins yes, but it was an account specific thing, that wasn’t actually part of the promotion.

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