Hand History - Connection to the server cannot be established

When I check a hand history immediately after the hand has been played I get a “Connection to the server cannot be established at the moment. Please try again later.”

Normally this can be fixed by simply rebooting the client however that is not doing the trick.
I have rebooted my computer as well. Any suggestions?

Wait until tomorrow haha. Yes this sucks, kind of tilting.

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Ok glad I’m not the only one. By the way I love your boxing.

Thanks, that was a long time ago.

i also got that

Is this an error that has persisted since last night?

seems to be same error from 9 hours ago i also tried reboot

I’ve refreshed the history from the backend.

Can you let me know if the error is still appearing? If you can grab a screenshot as well, that would be great.

yes still happeningerr

Thanks for sending that over.

When you have a moment, can you log in from the website and try to view your hand history there? If there’s any errors, send over a screenshot of that as well please.

not sure how to do that and would it log me out i am playing atm.

Yes, it would log you out.

After you’ve finished playing, you can click here to view your hand history from the web client.

ok ty

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okay i tried the web browser and it did work there just not on the downloaded client

Thank you for checking and getting back to us @player1, was the error message the same?

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HH is still not working on poker client today.

This is something that we’re going to take a further look into.

If anyone else comes across this issue, it’s important to let us know below.

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At least one other user has reported the issue in the TwoPlusTwo thread.

yes same problem no fix for the downloaded client yet