Has anyone ever seen a jackpot?

I didnt think that jackpot SNG’s really did pay more than 2x or 5x. But the other day, i registered for a $7 and it came up 240x $1680.
1st place $1400
2nd and 3rd $140 each

It happens, 3 in a 100,000 chance.

Was over in like 4 hands, too. 2nd hand I’m in BB w AQs, SB puts me all-in w A7o, queen on turn sealed him. I limp against next player w Q3o, flop Q2Q, he triple barrel bluffs all-in w J6 off. I couldnt believe I was handed the $1400 so quickly.


Awesome! Congratulations to the S n G Jackpot wins!!!

That gives me great hope to see someone actually win that much one a 1.50 bet. I can ever afford to spend more than 20-39 at a time to play so I never bet over 2$ at a time. Hopefully someday I’ll get that lucky too. Congrats and thanks for sharing that info. Merry Christmas

This is the biggest win I’ve ever seen! What a way to end the new year Congratulations!!

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I should add that a few days after that $1400 jackpot SNG (I posted 3 days ago), I ran up over $1500 playing blackjack then played Penguin Payday 5x for $10, 1st hit 5x $50, 3 blanks, then it hit highest possible 80x, $800 payout. Total balance reflects all.


Thank you for sharing ur post congratulations, i played over 4 years now never hit anything like that , thats amazing

Omg, your like the light at the end of the very dark tunnel. Congrats, now hit another one :slight_smile:

Damn @Jenndoe thats a sweet win. Ive deposited all year and made like 1 $80 withdrawl. I love 10x vegas and always get excited when i hit the bonus on respins. Way to get em

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Congratulations!!! That is amazing!!! Wow!!!

FINALLY!!! I finally got a bigger jackpot on a jackpot sng tournament. It was $30 on a $2 buy in. First time I’ve ever seen more than 5x buy in. Now if they can just update the poker software so you don’t get disconnected and have to jump through the cache hoops before you can reconnect. It’d be nice if they didn’t act like it was our fault their software runs like crap.


@Jenndoe crazy hit!!! Im 3yrs deep with ignition slots and truly had no idea something like that was possible! That fukn rocks!


Nice bro hope u didn’t put it all back

Welcome to the over 5x club lol

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@Jenndoe wow that is an amazing once in a lifetime win!!! Congrats you lucky duck!!!

I feel like they should revise the payout structure on the jackpot sng’s when a big multiplier is hit. They can still give the Lions share to first but 2nd and 3rd should get a little more than they currently are getting. Maybe something like 1st 65% 2nd 20% and 3rd 15%. Lets face it volatility is very high in these and they are probaly the game least decided by skill in the short term. Players should walk away with a little more when they are finally fortunate to hit one

How have i not seen this! Been playing for a while but been in a slump lately both in casino and poker which is definitely frustrating. I always assumed the jackpots were BS because ive never come close or seen anyone mention coming close til now. Glad to see its legit. Congratulations Jenndoe🙂. Goes to show you never know when its your turn🍻.

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Yep, the fun part is once you win, they just start dealing you constant 2 pair over rivered 2 pair suckouts until you lose it all back.

On a sister site but I have seen a top jackpot. It does exist but extremely rare. I have played thousands of these and this is one of the very few over 5x . $60 buyin, $72k was top prize


1 in 100,000 games are the odds. How lucky you were

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One time had a $600 game for, I think it was 2 dollar buy. .(might have been .50)

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