Have the odds gotten worse

So I have played over 50 dollars between 40 cents to a dollar even spun at 2 to try to change it up in wynloch keep and this has been my go to slot and since all of this crap started there seems to be crap for pay out not even enough to keep you playing for a little while pretty sure my biggest win was under 5 dollars depressing really

That’s not nearly enough balance to be playing those spin stakes

I played the other day bet 20 cents and same thing

I Try to have 300 spins of balance at least, I find that the most fun, bouts of 40-50 spins of no hits happen. Get a bonus and refill the balance one in a while. That’s just the way I do it because 50 spins even can go nowhere

Wtf why is it taking so long it never takes this long?

Slots are all a game of statistical odds and variances. You see it play out the most when using bonus funds (I think because we all treat them as “free money” and don’t care about spinning to zero as much). In my last bonus I both managed to win over $1900 on Reels and Wheels XL in a matter of hours, and then also lose it all over the following hours trying to playthrough. It’s why they set the rollover at 35x bonus + deposit, while you might hit something on the bonus funds (even a big win like $1900), the likelihood that you will see a cent of it is minimal due to the RTP normalizing over time.

If it’s never taken that long you have just been lucky my guy

Ignition is nothing but a scam site now. Bleed your account, give you bs ‘miles’ points and everything takes ‘35x play through’ to clear your bonus funds. Used to be 10x. Ignition, F U and please, ban me. I can’t afford your cheating bs anymore. I play Golden Buffalo almost exclusively and it takes 2 to 3 times as many spins to hit the bonus, and then you usually win crap. I’m burning through money and not getting anywhere near the wins and jackpots I used to. And trust me, I still lost plenty before. Something has definitely changed here in the last 3 or 4 months to destroy players. But now it’s brutal losses. And bonuses rewards? Not certain if there was a management change or what but the algorithms were changed several months back and it definitely screwed the players.

I’m also skeptical now. I just went through 200-300spins with one paying profit?

I agree. Lost about $10k over 2 days in golden buffalo with almost all $4 and $8 spins the other day… absolute insanity and the slots on this site are definitely tighter than any of the others

Yup this place is shit now. You can tell they are jacking you’re money when every single jackpot is growing massive and you literally can’t win anything :joy:. Today has been a joke this place is done!