I can't win to save my life here

I can’t seem to win anything over 20 maybe 30 dollars till every single game I play is crap. Even when I’m playing poker it just seems like every hand sucks. Seems like I’m just donating my money to this site and its crap


@Gravessonya you’re not alone

Xl free spins paying shit last week or so

They clearly need to collect as much as possible with bitcoin this low, there will be no wins to be had for awhile.


@Mike730 if it’s only been the last couple weeks you’ve been doing better then some cause it seems like the last couple months things were going downhill, maybe longer.

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Something has definitely changed here in the last 3 or 4 months to destroy players. I play Golden Buffalo almost exclusively and it takes 2 to 3 times as many spins to hit the bonus, and then you usually win crap. I’m burning through money and not getting anywhere near the wins and jackpots I used to. And trust me, I still lost plenty before. But now it’s brutal losses. And bonuses rewards? Not certain if there was a management change or what but the algorithms were changed several months back and it definitely screwed the players. Ignition is nothing but a scam site now. Bleed your account, give you bs ‘miles’ points and everything takes ‘35x play through’ to clear your bonus funds. Used to be 10x. Ignition, F U and please, ban me. I can’t afford your cheating bs anymore.


Believe me I’m in the same boat I’m down 15 K since February I thought the slots were loosening up a couple of weeks ago but nope they’re tighter than ever

In order for someone to win at slots someone has to lose at slots. The member base here on the forum is only a small selection of members across all sites. Welcome to gambling high variance games with high house edge.

@Mike730 I don’t think I’ve invested nearly as much but really I might as well be burning my money cause it would probably last longer. @SoloAsylum I do understand how this gambling thing works, the house always wins and it’s strictly for entertainment but I’m not talking about hitting it big everytime I play, I’m talking about not hitting anything at all.

And your point is? That’s not exclusive to ignition, nor online. Happens in live casinos every day.

I have only ever gambled online so I wouldn’t really know what goes on at a live casino but I can imagine it could go just as bad as it does online. It does however feel like there’s more of an opportunity for an online casino to tip the advantage even more in their direction and with the advantage already being in their favor to begin with it takes away any chance at even the smallest victory in favor of customers. I don’t know why you decided to pick on me because I really wasn’t complaining, just agreeing and letting someone know that they aren’t alone. I’m OK with losing, I mean everyone likes to win but if everyone is a winner all the time all casinos would shut their doors, but lately gambling here hasn’t even been entertaining. If you win a little here and there and then tank at least you’ve been entertained but you can’t get that here anymore it seems.

Their point is… that they are frustrated with Ignition and that’s what the forum is for!! ISSUES WITH THE CASINO!! So why give this person a attitude asking what their point is? Clearly the point is that their losing and Ignition sucks!!


Yeah this place is absolute trash. I would recommend finding elsewhere to play if you want any sort of enjoyment out of you’re thousands of dollars. This will not be the place anymore!

It’s a joke it’s a one way atm. Can’t wait for congress to step in lol joke

Won on Cleo all week.Until yesterday they came in and shut it down for the weekend.Its definitely not Algorithm or RNG Slots are controlled by Ignitions. Here some accidentally things that popped up on my screen a few weeks ago if you read all of the lines some things that are stated seem super odd. LIKE BLOCK PAYLINES UNBLOCK PAYLINES BLOCK BLOCK

Standard parameters in code. Sorry you lost money on the weekend, you gambled and lost. It happens.

Think of code as light switches… There are functions to do 1, 2, 5, 10 whatever lines on slots. If you have max lines selected, all switches are set to block false. If you have 1 line, all switches but 1 are set to block true.


Yea there’s nothing shady going on here, at least not in the screenshots you shared.

This site is completely dead now…