I just got slapped in the face… again

$35 that’s all?


That’s exactly how I just described it on their Twitter site. I got more from bovada and I barely play there. I got more last week from another site I never play at anymore. It’s an insult. Diamond level means nothing, I think it must actually be a rhinestone


I only got 10 worth of miles. I have to agree with you. I feel insulted.

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I made 6 spins at $0.40 last night that never worked. They gave me 25k points for that. Their network was compromised and unusable for the better part of 3 weeks. I got 25k points for that. I’m December there was a 1 day interruption. I got $100 CASH WITH NO PLAYTHROUGH for that. This is completely trucked.

@moderators, is there a way that I can return the points? I’ve got more self respect than this.


There is no way to return these on your end, though we can have them removed upon request. That being said we see you did ultimately decide to use the points.

@Foster so how is it that the higher ups feel that this is adequate compensation for all the bs in the past month :thinking: :roll_eyes:

This isn’t really something that we would be able to respond to. Ultimately we won’t argue with what players feel they deserve. We are sorry if you feel that it wasn’t enough.

Agree, I’m more than a little disappointed in the return considering how much I deposited last month and my tier level being Diamond :gem:. I too received less points here than on the other sites. But I expected this much after the sent me a VIP invite via email once then said it was a mistake. I went through more than a month and a half trying to get an answer as to how that could possibly have been sent by mistake, all the different answers from chat reps, etc etc. Nothing ever came of it but an exception bonus from mods for the ongoing inconvenience and complaining back and forth with no real answer.

I haven’t received a “little gift” in more than a year. I get the same 3 bonus offers each week with 35x rollover which used to be 10x rollover.

The more you play here the less they care. It seems like their model is bait n hook. Reel em in and get them addicted and then the promos stop.

I’m sure that you guys have relayed the feed back and they have no response or anything to say as to why they thought so small of an amount was ok

Couldn’t of said it better

Apparently their business model works bc if it didn’t and they relied on whales or long time profit generating players they would have considered those factors in the compensation release. It’s now up to the players to make a decision… will you stay or will you go. Most will complain and say their done but will continue to deposit and they know this, and they took advantage of that fact.

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