Ignition eating my CPU alive

Ignition software is killing my late gen i5 CPU with just 4 tables open. This is an even bigger issue when I play multiple sites, my cpu sits at 100% the entire session. I have used ipconfig /flushdns with no change. What can I do to make Ignition stop using so many resources? Thank you.

@El_Duderino there was an update down around October last year that should’ve help with something like this. We posted about it here but we’ll have another look now.

i5 is not top of the line. I have 6 year old lap top with i7 hyper thread, and do not have this problem. But, i don’t multi site. IF you are also doing ACR, that is more of a resource hog, and can spur additional units of ignition in task manager, since the two apps compete.

You might want to look into tweaking win 10 (I have pro), just google. i don’t have that many processes running on Ignition even when multitabling. I can get to where the fan runs sometimes (meaning we reached 100% cpu), but that could be related to background apps, relation of client to Google Chrome, etc. I don’t have the app crash, though if Ignition is having network issues, I can have Zone tables frozen, and funds locked for awhile.

Thanks for the reply, Matt. 20 something processes for 4 tables when only playing Ignition seems a bit excessive to me. I have since uninstalled/reinstalled the Ignition client, did a clean boot start with only essential services running, disabled all 3rd party software and this issue still persists with excessive CPU use and multiple Ignition processes. Can you reach out and provide more help with this issue?

Regarding top of the line i5, the i5 is middle range obviously. Being last gen, as in the newest except the just released generation, it should have no issues performing here.