Ignition is dead

This online casino has reached it’s end, at least for me it has for me see ya

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Why lol?

Your either brand new or dense of you have to ask why. I’ve been playing on bovada and ignition for years. I used to love these sites because the odds of winning here were actually higher then a walk in casino. Gradually they got worse to where I now have better odds on a walk in which is where I will be doing my gambling for now on.


Not to mention how cheap and stingy this casino havr gotten. A loss and deposit of $1500 in the last 30 days with all the errors time outs and glitches a loss of $1500 is only worth $15 in ignition miles? This site sucks anymore to be frank. I’m going back to traditional casinos if your smart you will follow me


Sorry man I’m low on messages here

It is bottoming out. Im Diamond level, spend about a grand or half a month. now I get kicked off freeroll in top 20 and finish in 200s because I cant log back in. now there are no bonuses this week. Im sad, loved this site.