Ignition is not regulated and RNG is not certified

This is just to let players know that Ignition is NOT regulated by any gaming commission. Ignition’s casino software’s RNG (Random Number Generator) is NOT certified by an impartial third-party auditing company to be fair and random.

When I call Ignition, reps tell me that they are looking into getting back to being regulated and will update players soon. It has been almost 3-years now and nothing.

SO MY QUESTION IS…Why does Ignition chose NOT to be regulated by a gaming commission or certified third party? And why does Ignition chose NOT post the RTP for each game?



I am shocked no players have read this thread or commented.

I presume not many players are registered on this forum because they probably do not know about it.


I am aware they stopped being regulated years ago and would like to know why myself. Having a 3rd party verify that their random number generator, RNG, is legit is something that is comforting to all customers. Everyone wants to know they are playing in fair games.


Yes I totally agree with you.

The same time Ignition stopped being regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, they also terminated their certification with iTechLabs.

Ignition actually still left up the iTechLabs certification logo on their website for a year or more after they terminated the service. iTechLabs warns about online casino’s doing this on their website.

The forum moderators on here respond promptly to everything posted on here, but nothing yet on this topic. I hope the small amount of other forum members on here will join in requesting a straight answer from Ignition on this.

Please respond Ignition…as awaiting a reply on this.


@kcclucky Thank you for bringing this up to the rest of the forum as we’d love to clear things up.

As per the letter you posted we voluntarily terminated our license with the Kahnawake gaming commission back in 2016. While at the moment we may not operate under a gaming commission, we fully comply with the rules and regulations imposed by the gaming industry and I can assure you that all personal and financial information of our players is safe.

We are actively exploring new licensing possibilities and of course once we have an update, we will let you know.

Now having said that, I can understand your concerns regarding our casino games but I can assure you that the RNG that we utilize, guarantees the unpredictability of our games whilst ensuring that their outcome is fair and not foreseen.

In such a big industry, the trust of our players is very important and as we have earned a very renowned reputation, we would not do anything to jeopardize that trust.

If you have concerns or would like us to investigate any issues, we are always here to help, so please let us know.


I just do not understand why Ignition chose to no longer have iTechLabs certified the RNG?

You stated, “In such a big industry, the trust of our players is very important…”

Having a certificate from a third-party audit company that the RNG has been certified would only work to gain trust, so why did Ignition stop it?

If Ignition’s RNG works as you claim it does, why not have the added security of a third party company to certify this??


So why not post the Return to player (RTP) for each casino game?


@kcclucky for any questions on the RTP, I’m currently looking into this and will update this topic when I have more information.



Return to Player (RTP) is essentially the percentage of all wagered money a slot game will pay back to players over time. So, every wager you place, and every wager other players place will be very much calculated towards the RTP rate of the product.

Online casinos that unequivocally post RTPs for their slots—which should be public, anyway— testifies to the casinos’ trustworthiness.


kcclucky, thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention! This is a vitally important topic that needs to be properly addressed and people need to be aware of it! I have had serious concerns over the last year that Ignition has slowly been reducing their RTP on their games. I was only somewhat aware of their licencing and oversight situation, I was not aware that they are no longer verified by a 3rd party for RNG!

To Matt or any other Ignition admin, I would love to take you on your word, but that would be foolish. No matter how genuine and honest you may be about Ignitions practices, simply put, without legitimate third party verification of those statements it means nothing. If I took businesses at their word I would still think smoking wasn’t bad for my health, sugary soft drinks don’t contribute to diabetes and weight gain, and fast food was healthy.

I strongly urge every Ignition Casino player casual and high roller alike to re-evaluate your commitment to playing at this casino moving forward. Read these forum topics other players have posted and the replies! Bonuses and promotions have vanished, reward tiers mean nothing, and payouts most certainly have dropped off considerably. I know I’m not alone in my suspicions and without a major commitment from Ignition to address these concerns I do not hold much confidence that these will improve and players experiences will continue to suffer and decline.

TL:DR Reluctantly, I am now a believer that this site is rigged unfairly against the player. Simply, there is no gaming licence, no 3rd party RNG verification done, no transparency on RTP, Jackpot payouts, and accounts of casino game payouts declining. All we are left with are cookie cutter responses from casino staff regarding their business practices that they want us to take at their word without any legitimate proof they are true. So I have to say it, “Play here at your own risk”.


Thank you for your perfectly executed response…it is exactly what I am saying. Ignition needs to deal with this issue and not feed us the same bullshit statements when they have nothing that back ups it up, like a third party audit of their RNG.

RTP and RNG audits provide the players with added confidence that the games are subject to external scrutiny, and remain fair.

The only way to ensure fairness is with the use of a third party auditor. And auditor’s logo will always be featured on the casino’s homepage.

While Ignition claims their RNG is random, players need to be assured of that fact and that can only come from a third party audit and certificate.


More information…no we the players need more transparency.

What about a third party audit to certify Ignition’s RNG?


This is a vital issue here @Matt that needs to be addressed ASAP… Ignition has been stating what you did for almost 2-years now, "We are actively exploring new licensing possibilities and of course once we have an update, we will let you know."

Getting a third-party auditing company, like iTechLabs which Ignition originally used for RNG audit, should be done already. It doesn’t take more then a day to start the auditing process as you were already a client.

Please tell us why Ignition is NOT utilizing this service? And doesn’t post RTP for any individual games?


@kcclucky we’ve reached out to the appropriate teams that handle these inquiries. When we are given an update, we will relay the same information to this topic.

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This is the same response that customer service has told me over and over again on both the phone and via live chat for almost 2-years now.

I would rather here that Ignition doesn’t plan to certify their RNG again and doesn’t want to provide RTP for individual games to players.


It isn’t certified because this card generator isn’t legitimate lmao.


It isn’t certifies because Ignition chooses not to be because USA players have limited options. It is very shady.


@smuglum. tighten your range up buddy.

@kcclucky You are slot player. How do you do if you play live?

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I have 22* vpip.

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Well then, maybe loosen up a bit? AA gets cracked 33% of time. KK more. I had 5 buy in loss last night, 2 oops spews following 3 bad beats (I’m like, the chips in middle with best hand, and the are you serious at the end). Most winning players have over 12 vpip, since the regs can run you over with that stat. Just my opinion.