Ignition maxing out my CPU and causing lag

There have been quite a few times when I have heard my PC fan going crazy while I also notice my PC lagging while playing Ignition. I then check my Task Manager to see that Ignition is running quite a few processes using most if not all of my CPU. Note: My CPU is newer and shouldn’t be running into these issues. I’ve even had my CPU maxed out from Ignition processes even after closing Ignition. Sometimes I’ll run Ignition with numerous tables and only 15% of my CPU is being used but other times it spikes up and stays around 100% and then starts lagging. It causes lag sometimes but isn’t terrible on my newer machine, but older computers are going to struggle. I’ve read a lot of posts on the 2+2 forums about other people experiencing lag and they check task manager to see their CPU is being maxed out by Ignition. This CPU hogging that Ignition is doing is causing people with older machines to have a really slow, laggy experience because of this and sometimes be limited to only playing one table because their computers couldn’t handle any more. This limits the number of tables people will play, causes a bad user experience, and also causes people with less than optimal machines to play on other sites that don’t hog the CPU. Some of the more computer savvy players were speculating what is causing the lag and CPU hogging and some have said that Ignition is running a javascript web app designed for the browser and the desktop version is using electron javascript framework which is not a proper native desktop build but uses tons of processes to work. I’m not sure if that is the case but whatever it is it needs to be addressed. Thanks for looking into this.

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Hi @DonkeyShow,

We’re sorry to hear if our software seems to be using up too much of your CPU space. We’ll definitely look into the questions you’ve addressed here and provide updates when available from our support team.

Meanwhile, if anyone in the Forum has any tips or advice about minimizing CPU usage, post below!

From my experience there really isn’t anything you can do to lessen the amount of CPU ignition is using, besides playing less tables. Ignition is now just a huge CPU and Memory Hog and if you don’t have a pretty hardy CPU and enough ram, you are going to experience numerous issues. Issues including but not limited to: new tables being stuck at 59% while loading, hands freezing while all in, table showing up blank when it loads. SNG tournaments not popping when they fill up. Freezing your computer itself. These are just a few of the issues I have experienced once the update that changed the tables and added the casino sidebar to tables. Basically the only solutions are to play less tables or upgrade your computer

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All the things Steven mentioned I have experienced too and I have a pretty good laptop. Im constantly seeing players sitting out in the mid to late stages of MTTs and sometimes in SNGs I see guys sit out the entire time. Im guessing its because they are unable to get the poker client working. This is a really big issue. How many times will someone continue to play on the site when they make it far in tournaments but keep having software issues?

In the last 3-4 months player participation in tournaments has gone down sharply. Some of that has been blunted by adding re-entry but many tournaments have lost almost 50% player participation. I continue to see guarantees drop or entire tournaments being removed from the lobby. Things are heading in the wrong direction and this software needs to be addressed.


I’ve experienced the same issues as stated above. I’m also now having issues with tournament lobbies not having a working take seat button. So if a tournament table does not auto launch when it starts and I try to launch it from the tournament lobby window, the take seat button is blank and clicking it does nothing.

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for the updates and your feedback.

@acepicklerick I’m sorry to hear about the issue your encountering. I’m going to send you a PM to see if I can gather some more details.

I am experiencing the same issue

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Hey guys, we know this is an old one but it has been brought up a few times and we wanted to let you know that after a recent update, CPU usage should be much lower now. Please let us know if issues still persist.


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