Ignition rewards gift received and removed?

I received an ignition rewards gift yesterday and today I notice the rewards were taken from my account?? What in the world?

Please put my ignition rewards back into my account unless the removal was not done by mistake. If they were removed and are not going to be returned to me (they were mine, given to me as a gift, long awaited gift at that) then… idk



Same here. Did you cash out any thing ? i did but its was not any warning about point will be deleted

I cashed out a small amount yesterday - if that’s why the miles were removed from my account because I withdrew a couple hundred dollars, then f*** this place. They said a gift… I’ve never seen ignition rewards be removed because I cashed out nor have I ever read or heard that a cash out will cause rewards to be removed or taken back…
That would make 0 sense… as naturally I would have used all the miles prior to requesting a withdrawal had there ever been any mention of that happening or knowledge of a gift I was given being taken back, or had this same scenario happened before… the withdrawal I made wasn’t even 20% of my rewards total…
that’s so f***ed

11k? That’s it? Try 170k/6 years

Its wat I say! I will be not even cashing out if I see any warnings about points will be removed. In letter its say “little gift” and not mention any conditions or rules how to use it.

My advice would be this: enjoy the “little gift” while they last, because around here, nothing lasts forever (or even 2 months). If you stick around long enough, then one day (sooner than you would hope) you’ll be in my shoes, which is to say you will look back upon the prior couple weeks/months and say “that sure was nice getting those little gifts…”

My only hope for you is that you are not “diamond” level at that point (as I am now). That’s when it becomes infuriating.

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I get an answer from customer service :sleepy: :rage:
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused by the removal of the rewards points. This was however as a result of being issued to the account erroneously due to a system error.

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Same thing… I’ve lost all confidence in their integrity to fairness. system error isn’t something a company should admit when the entire reputation and creditability of the company revolves around systematic functions… I told them to delete my account - Its easy to pinpoint system manipulation… how convenient for that river card to not deal normal, instead 10 seconds later the 1 of 2 cards that beats you drops down on the table…

I can’t blame you one bit. In my work life, customers ask me constantly to up my game and rise above challenges. Many times, Ignition has been asked to rise above and overcome issues. My perception is they can’t. They seem to care but have no idea how to go about problem solving and continuous improvement. I can tell you businesses in this category, don’t survive. Anyone else feel this way ?

We’re sorry for the misunderstanding guys in relation to miles points removal. Based on the information received from our team the miles points were added in error and removed, and an email was sent to advise users of this error.

My company has made mistakes like this that killed us financially. We knew if we rescinded an offer like this, we’d lose a customer so we just grinned and bear . It’s too hard to find new customers. Ignition’s response is just the opposite. The rug was pulled right out from under the customer in this case. It speaks VOLUMES to us as customers. The approach of late is a lot less customer friendly than it used to be. Ignition and Bovada’s spot in the marketplace is slipping down for many players

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We appreciate your feedback @Cheech68 and we’ll have this forwarded over.


There is no misunderstanding… it’s as simple as we were given a gift and then that gift was taken away. Errors are made everyday, in our careers and in our personal lives… it’s the way mistakes are communicated and handled. The rewards credits I received was normal… it wasn’t like, oh shit, ignitions hooking me up, look at all these points! It seems inline with other months… but regardless if the rewards points I received was done by mistake or not, I’ve deposited nearly 200k with you over 6 years…. Gambled millions… to some people/Ignition that’s isn’t much, but for my situation/life that’s a big number to spend with an online casino alone… the points that were placed in my account should have never been removed… im your customer and I’ve been a good one… to go back into my account and take away the gift I was given, after all the money I have gambled with Ignition -
Giving my money to Ignition is one thing… but Ignition emailed me stating I received a little gift and referenced exactly the number of points I received, just like always… but the next day you take that gift back away from me a without my knowledge, consent, or understanding. That’s bullshit… a mistake was made, the mistake is corrected internally so it doesn’t happen again… you don’t screw your clients tho, especially not your highest tier clients… unless you just don’t care or care about the clients business they bring to you.

Which is why you see this: I’m done with Ignition… on top of taking my rewards points they kept the available balance of $25.xx, a withdrawal before closing my account wasn’t processed… stole my points and now my money… I see the value Ignition puts on integrity.

I think a mistake was a made with my account that didn’t get corrected. You see, I didn’t get ANY gifted miles erroneously deposited into my account despite making over 12 GRAND in deposits, and making no withdrawals in the past 7 days. So the error made with my account was that no error was made. Why did everyone else get the error and not the guy with mounting losses but continued loyalty :man_shrugging:t3:

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God damn how much were all those points worth

I was also gifted points then had them “adjusted to reflect my play” which I deposited atleast $4000 this week alone and I have NEVER had a withdrawal and after the adjustment I got .48 cents! That is a reflection of the 4000 I lost in last 7 days?

The same thing happened to my account and have not been able to reach anyone for last day or so still nothing. Please help!!!

Based on the information received from our team the miles points were added in error and removed, and an email was sent to advise users of this error.

It did say the gift was an error which is a little bit unfair to do but the really unfair part is that they adjusted it to reflect my play and I got .48 cents