Ignition should add a Sportsbook (originally titled 'Sportsbook side of the site')

One is needed.

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Believe it is on Bovada

Hi @Leroy_123,

Welcome to the community and thanks very much for sharing your feedback.

There are no plans for us to add a Sportsbook I’m afraid, so I’m going to update this to ‘declined’. Should anything change in the future though, we’ll update it accordingly.

Thanks again, and if you have other suggestions, please share!

Will ignition ever add a sportsbook?

@yelsew We’ve moved your topic here to address your question

why not?

@yelsew It isn’t something we’re exploring right now but we appreciate your feedback towards it

Confused, they have virtual sports available via web.

@FutureInsights I think the feedback from this topic is just concerning the ability to offer live sports lines

However, there aren’t many live sports going on right now.

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