Introducing myself

Hi all. I would like to introduce myself.

I am new to this site, but not new to Poker. I have played poker for 17 years both online, offline.

I am somewhere between a semi amateur and semi shark, and semi pro.

I turned $15 into $1750 before USA Black Friday Shut down of online poker.

Offline, at casinos, I have cashed 134 out of 300 $33 buy in, 100 player tournaments, and have about a 38.5% cashing ratio, and 19% to 29% ROI.

I was coached, mentored at 2+2 poker forums, by associates of Shaun Deeb.

And I have studied Harrington on Hold Em, Super System, Upswing Poker, 2+2, Johnathon Little, Nathan Blackrain Poker, Bart Hanson at Crush Live Poker, and Poker Profit.

I am a fan of Wolfgang Vlogg, and Next Gen Poker Vlogg, and Poker Profit VLogg.

As far as my results here. In the microstates here, I have been have mixed results.

In the micro sit n gos I have been cashing about 47% of time. But in the tournaments, have been on horrible bad run, as have only bad beat or bad beat knocked out others about 3,4 times, and have been bad beat 2.5 times in average per tournament, and bad beat knocked out in about 95% of the tournaments played in, during the last about for about 17 tournaments, for about 43 total bad beats that taken vs the only 3,4 that given.

But only a small sample size.

But the tournaments here at the micros, are extremely VOLATILE, even more then at other places.

While it’s good that the competition is so soft, the insane crazy DONKS, is making it extremely volatile.

If I squeeze, shove a semi bluff, marginal hand, moderate hand to SCOOP pots preflop, postflop, I’d rather the crazy DONKS fold their worse hand then mine, instead of calling with a worse hand then mine, and let my, the better hand just have, take down the pot, as I would rather take down that good pot at no, lesser variance, volatility, then get called at extreme volatility.

But they won’t let me take the pot, and will call with almost any 2 cards at times, even tho they are likely to lose over the long term.

The shear number of lots of DONKS is making the tournaments harder to not get bad beat out of, survive, cash, etc.

Some fish in those tournaments good, but too many donks can be bad.

Can’t wait until my bankroll is large enough to move up to slightly higher stakes where still have fish, but not so many crazy DONKS.

But small sample size. And hope this is not coming across as complaining.

If any of you would like to join me in posting hand histories, etc, I would welcome feedback, as even semi sharks like me need to be constantly sharpening shark teeth.

And if anybody wants feedback on their play, I am willing to do that as analyzing others hands to give them feedback, not only helps them, but helps me improve also.

So don’t be surprised if I give some feedback, comment, etc.

So see ya on the felt in Sit N Go’s and the GTD tournaments, satellites, here on the forums, etc.

Maybe talk to any of ya later.

Until then, good luck on the felt, etc.

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